Gears of War: preview and new videos

Microsoft teamed up with New Line Cinema in an effort to cross promote The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning and the very first public hands-on of Gears of War. Game Informer scored tons of video of multiplayer in action and even got to play the game on the big screen itself.

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TheMART5905d ago

WHOW again, there is nothing out there that looks this good, that plays this good, that has these weaponactions just...




this, army of two, bioshock, alan wake, mass effect

wow. just wow.

THAMMER15905d ago

I want to get my hands on GOW. I think this will be a great.

unleash bass5905d ago

Just Kidding, This game is reving up to be the best game ever(well for a long time). I think even the mighty Halo3 will have to go some to beat this. Personally I can't wait, I'm just iching to play it.

Marriot VP5905d ago

Hey wears DJ. Isn't he supposed to come in and start saying what a great game it is, and than post right after that on how dissapointing it looks. And how it was a low poly count. Stop trying to act like you care in order to make a feable attempt to discredit a AAA title that won't be on your PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.