TotemBall Review

Totem Ball is Microsoft's free venture into the world of the new Xbox Live Vision Camera. It's a smart little idea. Like Katamari, you control a free-moving rolling creature that progresses across a simple landscape collecting "totems." Each totem you collect adds a musical instrument to the soundtrack, building a full more rocking beat. The more you collect, the better the music and the more doors you open up to progress. Seems like a decent little concept in theory. Too bad it works so poorly you'll actually want your money back. Only it's free.

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Arsenic135904d ago

thus game hurts me arms !!!

original seed5904d ago

but then again it was FREE.

Arsenic135904d ago

not realy its supposed to be prt of vision package

TheMART5904d ago

Not really, you can download it JUST NOW on marketplace. I already downloaded it and don't even own a camera yet

Arsenic135904d ago

well thats because they werent finished wit it by deadline and decided to put it up on market instead off packing a code wit da camera.

JPomper5904d ago

This review mirrors my feelings exactly.

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The story is too old to be commented.