HDD Capacity Capabilities Crucial


"Next-gen consoles these days are more then just vehicles for our fast paced gaming adventures. Over the years, they've turned into multimedia storage and playback devices. On the Xbox 360 and PS3, owners have the ability to download TV shows, films, store pictures and music, all of which raise the level of gaming consoles onto some higher level that they have never before reached. They've essentially become miniature PCs, more or less."

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Ichabod134188d ago

As the IPTV comes out...hdd's are going to play a HUGE role in the console. :P Can't wait to fill up my 120gb hdd with tv shows!

hella whip4188d ago

IPTV is streaming though not downloads isn't it?!

moparful994188d ago

Nope IPTV is a dvr service for the ps3... It allows you to record and watch any programming you want.

predator4188d ago

still waiting for my dam transfer cable, nearly 2 weeks now

ITR4188d ago

We need 500GB options, I think...especially if we get DL happy.

Lord Vader4188d ago

HDD needs to be STANDARD M$ !!!!!

Mass Effect would have probably run 90% better with a few Gigs of backup to take the load off the memory, just like PS3's DMC4.

Wake up M$ & let developers stream from the HDD !!!

*end rant*

fenderputty4188d ago

too little too late I guess. There's enough 360's out there without an HDD to make it impossible for MS to make HDD's standard. It would screw the current user base who don't have one.

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The story is too old to be commented.