GameTap: MLB 2K8: Diary of a Giant Turnaround

Jon Robinson of GameTap writes: Got the final build of MLB 2K8 and the Giants are near the bottom of the rankings. Looks like I'll need to utilize speed with a lot of steals and hit and runs if I'm going to get anywhere this season. One thing I do like, however, is my starting pitching. Zito, Cain, Lowry, Lincecum. Those are four quality arms who eat up a lot of innings. If I can get this swing stick down and generate some runs, I might be able to win a lot of low scoring games.

Before I head into my season, however, there is one aspect of MLB 2K8 that I can already see as my new addiction, and that's collecting in-game baseball cards. Stirkeout 9 batters in a game with Lincecum to earn his card. Make a diving or jumping catch in the outfield with Rowand to get his. There are three tiers of cards for each playerl, and I find myself obsessed with trying to get all the cards for my team (each team features 12 players with their own cards). Some are easy. The catch with Rowand I made in the second inning of my first game. But stealing third base with Dave Roberts or hitting two doubles in a game with Randy Winn might be a bit more difficult.

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