With Connor Gone, Where Could Assassin's Creed Go Next?

Martin Gaston: ''As Assassin's Creed III ended, Connor's storyline felt like it had come to a fairly natural close. But Ratonhnhaké:ton's time as the series' main protagonist seems to have passed: Ubisoft confirmed yesterday that the next Assassin's Creed would feature a new hero and a new setting.

This is an important announcement on Ubisoft's part. The next Assassin's Creed marks a rare opportunity, and with both Connor and present-day conduit Desmond presumably taking a rest for while, the series now has the biggest opportunity for a blank slate and a fresh start since the first game launched in 2007. And with a new batch of consoles on the horizon, it seems particularly fitting for Ubisoft to transition into the next generation (perhaps literally, considering the series' genealogy-obsessed narrative) of Assassin's Creed.''

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jakmckratos2074d ago

Why is everyone so deadset on Connor being done? I was incredibly dissatisfied with his ending(and also the last 70% of the game. They made 3 games for that last assassin...I don't expect much less for this one

Muffins12232074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

well ubisoft advertised this as a huge leap and said they worked on it for years compared to the "other " assassin creed acully was and it featured a whole new engine and is a good game its just under polished.

JasonXS122074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

The game was worked on for a lot longer yet it came out a lot worse. FOR ME the biggest reason is that it tries to introduce too many new things which they should've done in those spin-offs and fixed the issues for 3. The polish was there it was just that the concept didn't go too well. Characters, story overall gameplay was dull. Combat was unferior to brotherhood or even 2.

Connor was badly voiced, story was too rushed over a long period of time. The setting was good but badly executed. It moved away from the ASSASSINS part into a kill anything that moves game.

-Gespenst-2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

Yeah, I mean part of me's like "Well now I'm just buying into Ubisoft's sly business tactics" but at the same time, I'm not done with Connor. The hate people have for him is invariably uninformed and unappreciative of his subtlties. I thought he was a well written and voiced character, and brought to life even more by the improved graphics and facial animation. Such a waste if they never return to him in some shape or form.

I mean the ending felt like it was done purposefully to allow for more games in a possible Connor trilogy. It is a bit sneaky of Ubisoft, and the ending could have used a bit more effort, but still, AC3 introduced too much to just abandon it now. Although maybe they're having a hard time stretching the Juno plot over like 3 games... AND maybe Liberation was techicnally another fully fledged AC game set in that period. They could put out one more though couldn't they? Maybe featuring both Aveline and Connor heavily?

rpd1232074d ago

I completely agree. People say his voice acting was monotonous and boring. That's how Native Americans spoke! They say he is boring, and I just don't understand how. A ton of interesting stuff happened to him and his relationship with Haytham was done well. Connor is not the problem in AC3. Pacing and the fact that the assassination of big bosses were pretty rigid and scripted.

ApolloTheBoss2074d ago

For a while? Not totally, but for a while?

HeavenlySnipes2074d ago

Its unbelivable how much better a game Farcry 3 was compared to Assassin's Creed 3. Maybe they should focus on that and maybe a new IP

Assassin's Creed games are becoming oversaturated in the market. Far too many of them in such short intervals and the quality of them shows that as well.

classic2002074d ago

Assassins creed should go to hell, its a good game but Its predictable now.

phantomexe2074d ago

I really do believe will get another game with connor, and aveline together perhaps in november. AC4 won't drop until november 2014. All AC game come around november, why would they stop now. Besides all that you have to give them time to flush a character out like they did enzio which i can't spell. He didn't start off cool. Be kind of wild if connor and aveline hooked up.

SCW19822074d ago

Sure wish they would get rid of this joke of a series and bring back the Prince of Platforming.

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