GameTap: Tony Dungy Interview - NFL Head Coach 09, Spygate, and what it takes to build a winner

GameTap writes: Forget the twitch controls of Madden; with NFL Head Coach 09 EA Sports is hoping to help usher in a smarter generation of football fans, fans who can design their own plays, run a draft, balance the salary cap, and take a downtrodden team to Super Bowl glory.

"Everyone likes to play Monday morning quarterback," says Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy, the guy picked to represent the game both on the cover of the box and as a spokesman for the football sim. "And now everyone has that chance to sit down and run a team, to make those decisions that are ultimately going to win you some games or may even cost you your job."

Here's what else the man who runs things out in Indy had to say about everything from what it takes to run a successful franchise to Spygate...

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kunark4008d ago

anything touched by ea is usly crap besides burnout paradise city so this game will suck as bad as madden did for the ps3 last yr thats my opion