Xbox World 360 - Goldeneye Scans

Thanks to Iwata of Nintendo, this game may never see the light of day. However, you can still drool over the new scans presented by Xbox World 360 Magazine.

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I Call 9MM4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

Apparently, by what that article goes into, Nintendo doesn't hold any rights to GoldenEye at all anymore and threatended Activision into opting out their support. And it wasn't even all of Nintendo, just their @$*$#@#@ boss Iwata. I really have no love for that guy at all now. They actually had support from some of the other guys in the Nintendo fold it seems. He turned down the chance to have this game ported onto the VC, as well as pretty much all of Rare's other games, because he doesn't want any game originally released only on a nintendo system to come out on any other system. Now talk about being conceded and a crybaby as well. What a stupid [email protected]#%er.

So, what's next, is he going to threaten Capcom for remaking the NES version of Bionic Commando now too? That was Nintendo only. Microsoft should have Rare touch-up all of their old games and release them onto XBLA, just in spite. They don't have any middle man to threaten with Battletoads or Jet Force Gemini, and especially not Banjo-Kazooie. In the intro to that game, they should have the Nintendo symbol smashed up or something, just in spite.

Really, I think a few people that are a part of this project or in the know need to stand up to that bully Iwata. Microsoft was playing nice, giving Nintendo a chance to earn some coin off of Rare's old games when they didn't need to. Hopefully, Activision will grow some balls and let Microsoft go ahead anyway.

I really can't understand it. All there was for Nintendo to do was make money off of this deal and get games that would have probably hit a few million downloads on the VC over this. Amazing, simply amazing.

I Call 9MM4190d ago

Another thing Microsoft could do is go straight to MGM and UA and get a license to release this game directly from them. Maybe find some loop hole in activision's contract that they could do it. That way, activision doesn't get in trouble with nintendo and we get our game.

DarkSniper4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

If there were any considerations of Dark Sniper buying a Wii, it has left the door. Dark Sniper will not support a company who does not have the interest of anyone that isnt a casual gamer. Nintendo is nothing more than a greedy, backstabbing company who has created a glorified Gamecube repackaged with a gimmick controller and sells it at an inflated price.

Goldeneye 007 represents a golden era of multiplayer gaming on consoles. For Nintendo to block such a game gives the impression that they are nothing more than a selfish company who deserves to fall under. To relive the moment on XBOX live would have been a great experience to the 20 and up crowd who enjoyed this game.

Sony Snipers, unite as Dark Sniper will make valiant efforts to ensure that Mario and the rest of his gang are flushed to the bottom of the toilet where they belong.


Xeikon4190d ago

Pigs can fly and Hell has frozen over. I actually agree with what you said.

I Call 9MM4190d ago

I just don't get it, not only is Iwata f$cking Microsoft by blocking GoldenEye 007 remake, which is the only game that they can possibly block since there are no middle men to bully with Rare's other games, but he is screwing over all of the Wii owners out there who would probably enjoyed (and paid for) ports of all of Rare's other games that Microsoft would have made available on the Virtual console. I'm sure Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie both would have hit a million or more download themselves, each. Really, this is one case were Microsoft is being the nice guy and Nintendo is the a$$hole.

It is one game, one game that they don't hold any rights to that they are trying to block and will deny their fans the rest that could potentially come forth, even if those ones might just be straight ports. That wouldn't be any worse then the way Nintendo currently does the Virtual console anyway. Over one none nintendo (just nintendo published, which means nothing) game. Simply amazing guys.

zane5474190d ago

It wouldnt have the same impact as Goldeneye, but it would be a good opportunity for that middle finger salute if Perfect Dark was released.

I Call 9MM4190d ago

Here here to that. Hopefully Rare will remake every one of their games and make more sequels to past franchises (I've been itching for a new battle toads game for quite some time) and release them on XBLA only, until Iwata smartens up and Goldeneye's remake sees the light of day.

mmj4190d ago

Maybe now they will focus on creating their own classics instead of resurrecting old ones, it's so sad that we're all getting hyped over a game released more than 10yrs ago.

zane5474190d ago

Is a fun fad. Why not enjoy those past classics? Look at the hype surrounding that FFVII rumoured remake that got quashed eventually.

It would have been a great opportunity for those that didnt own an N64 to get that experience of a genre-defining shooter.

avacadosnorkel4190d ago

the new banjo kazooie is a banger too.

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The story is too old to be commented.