GameTap: The Characters of Street Fighter IV, Part 1

GameTap writes: In GameTap's last pre-view of Street Fighter IV, we said that the name of the game is compromise. Whether its how the it controls or the various systems and mechanics that make up the core of the game, Street Fighter IV is a mash-up of new, borrowed, and classic design. This same idea carries over to the characters; those who've appeared in various Street Fighter titles are now with various attacks and maneuvers from throughout their history. Today, we'll be taking a look at five of the 10 combatants that were present in the build of Street Fighter IV shown at last week's Game Developers Conference.

Plays like: He just rolled out of 3rd Strike
Best move: Ultra shinku-hadouken
Ever the solid choice, Ryu plays much more like his 3rd Strike variant than what he left in Super Turbo, sans the special forward kick that made for easy juggles. The inclusion of EX moves means that Ryu's ground game still revolves around building meter and punishing everything with EX hadoukens, and the lack of any in-air defense means that the shoryuken is back in a big way.

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