Orange Box (PS3) Patch Coming Soon

"Our engineers have finally provided details regarding the issue you are experiencing. Currently, this is a known issue and our engineering team are creating a patch which should resolve the issue. Unfortunately, the patch has yet to be tested and will be released sometime in March. Other issues will be addressed but unfortunately we do not have a list at this time. If you have anymore questions please feel free to respond back to this email or please visit our website and review our extensive Self Help Knowledgebase ( Have a great day!!!

Thank you for contacting EA Customer Support!"

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ikiru33853910d ago

i hope they are talking about framerate issues

CaliGamer3910d ago

With multiplayer? I thought Team Fortress was part of the bundle, how does that play?? EA can sure F##K some SH!T up, but Valve is also to be blamed as they allowed this travesty to occur.

I guess on the bright side they are trying to improve on what they initially shipped, it's just sad that it had to be as flawed as it was to begin with especially in the wake of games from Infinity Ward.

solar3910d ago

the Half Life series is one of the best series in gaming history. and Team Fortress 2 is such a great MP game. i got my OB on xmas and i still play it everyday. such a great gaming deal with great games.

Mr_Kuwabara3910d ago

I bought the original Half-Life for PS2 back in the day. It was pretty [email protected]$$. The end left me with a WTF face though.

Ri0tSquad3910d ago

For the PS3 owners that brought this. There was so much complaining with Team Fortress 2's online.

andrewf913910d ago

Nice job for me finding this

Arkham3909d ago

Too bad the job wasn't completed with, oh I don't know... some *context*?

The issue being...?

RecSpec3910d ago

Wow, they are just announcing a patch now? Or was there talk of this before?

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The story is too old to be commented.