GameTap: Street Fighter IV Interview: Yoshinori Ono

GameTap writes: Street Fighter IV's producer, Yoshinori Ono, was a tough man to pin down during the Game Developers Conference. If he wasn't trapped in a room with us reporters armed with voice recorders and cameras, he could be found kicking off his shoes and jumping atop chairs to get a better view of his game being consumed by hungry fighting fans. For Ono, this was no vacation: It was a chance to see his game get played by some serious players and gather feedback on how to futher his development. Luckily, he did eventually make it to nearby restaurant Santa Ramen for a break.

GameTap: At the time, the 3rd Strike soundtrack was seen as a huge departure for the series as it was very hip-hop compared to what I would say is a rock influence in the earlier titles. What was your motivation for completely changing the soundscape?

Yoshinori Ono: You're right. The Street Fighter II series was very much known for having a rock, or even more of a pop sound I would say. When we got to the Alpha series, what we were doing was taking the classic tunes from Street Fighter II and remixing them to sound even more like pop music. The music staff and I were like, "This is fun, but we're doing the same thing over and over, so let's try something new with Street Fighter III."

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