Gioteck GC-2 PS3 controller tweaks pressure sensitivity on the fly, tips hat to Xbox 360

Love your PlayStation 3, but prefer Microsoft's controller layout? You've got options, the latest being Gioteck's GC-2 PS3 gamepad. Adopting the Xbox 360 controller layout, the GC-2 appears to do an admirable job of repositioning your thumbs, but its appeal lies in how much you'll have to twiddle those digits. Hidden among the controller's bevy of commonplace features (wireless connectivity, a turbo button and force feedback) is a thumbstick sensitivity toggle -- allowing gamers to switch between four different levels pressure sensitivity. Hardly revolutionary, but it's nice to know there are options when in-game settings don't cut it. PlayStation 3 owners can pick up the GC-2 now for $40, and Gioteck says a Wii U variant will be available in April. See the full press release for yourself after the break.

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StrongMan3703d ago

The left analog stick and D-Pad are in the wrong place.

black9113703d ago

Just buy a Cronus Adapter. It lets you use the 360 controller on the PS3 or vice versa.