GTAGaming wraps up GTA IV tidal wave of previews (2/28/08 new screenshots and info)

Rockstar has been making its rounds, and another wave of GTA IV previews has finally hit gaming sites across the Internet. Each website has something different to offer - mission information, physics and AI reviews, and much more. Here are a majority of the reviews available today:

TeamXbox IGN Gamespot Kikizo 1UP CVG Gamespy

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Here's a collection of some of the new or interesting information gathered from the previews:

* When you're wanted, you'll have a "wanted radius" showing the extent of your tracking. Escape the radius, lower your wanted level.
* Vehicle GPS systems will show you the path to take in order to reach your objective. The path will be recalculated if you go off course
* Fancier cars will have voice navigation.
* In one instance, Niko punched a "bad guy" named Dardan hard enough to send him through the window to his rear.
* "In reaction to the crash, a lady bystander started cursing out the two men as they got out of the car, at which point the passenger drew a weapon and gunned the lady down-to the genuine surprise of all those viewing the gameplay."
* Niko is a master at Krav Maga, a fighting style used by Israeli Special Forces.
* The 360 build is brighter and has slightly more vibrant color while the PS3 build has less aliasing issues.
* You start off on the island containing Broker and Dukes, and the rest of the islands are blocked off. Bohan opens up shortly, though.
* Car headlights can be put on full beam or dipped, but can't be turned off.
* Niko takes a crash helmet and puts it on when getting on a bike and leaves it next to the bike when getting off.
* There are 18 radio stations with a variety of genres, one of which is named Vibe FM (R&B/Soul).
* You won't be able to customize your car like in San Andreas and you can't store goods in them either.
* The mission markers are now yellow arrows floating in the air, pointing at the floor, not cylinders like in the GTAs
* The full game will take about 100 hours to complete at a normal pace.

We'll be updating some of our GTA IV content pages today with any new information.

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Silellak4010d ago

"The 360 build is brighter and has slightly more vibrant color while the PS3 build has less aliasing issues."

This is a strange flip-flop from usual, where the PS3 usually has aliasing issues while the 360 does not.

Sounds like we'll have another nearly-identical console release that sad fanboys will post comparison videos of in a desperate attempt to spot a pixel or two of difference and thus further attempt to justify their purchase to themselves.

Regardless, this continues to sound awesome. Is it April yet?

power of Green 4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

The game isn't done the 360's hardware handles aliasing better.

These build were probably stratigicly shown at this point. Who's going to care about final tweeks to the game right before release when the hype will over ride the end result?.

Its a fair showing that won't hurt Rockstar when they had to show the title.

They have to carefull about this title.

If the antialiasing isn't turned on before release and if I'm wrong about this when the game is released I'll never come back to this site.

tihstae4010d ago

@Green: Why would you turn on aliasing?? Do you mean anti-aliasing?

Should be great regardless of console! I cant wait..

power of Green 4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

Thanks I just was coming back to edited my post I meant anti. lol

Before I edited my post I said RS was going to add more jaggies. lol

tihstae4010d ago

I just thought that maybe you liked it better with jaggies :).

power of Green 4010d ago


" display a solid, consistent framerate even during scenes with heavy pedestrian traffic and wild explosions".


"It must be said that the frame-rate isn't too impressive at times"

I'm going with Boomtown IGN has made some claims proven false latley.

+ Show (3) more repliesLast reply 4010d ago
ikiru33854010d ago

april 29th cant come soon enough!

Lord Vader4010d ago

ANyone know what the MP is going to be like yet ?