Xbox 720... The next, Next, NEXT Generation of Entertainment!

I personally find that standing still and complacent is boring. Sure we live in a time of incredible technology and entertainment. Between the Xbox 360, Halo 3, and Transformers on HD-DVD, it has been a Geek-daydream come to fruition! However, all nerds live with the knowledge that a new generation of video game consoles is inevitable (and coming quicker than you think). November 2005 marked the launch of the Xbox 360 and if gaming history has taught us the rules of next-gen introductions (i.e. aprox . five to six year cycles), the inevitable 'Xbox 720' should arrive by November, 2010. All of this, presents me with one simple, unanswered query...

...What's Next?

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Expy4008d ago

Even though he pointed out that the article had been written before HD-DVD was dead, it's still pretty funny he even suggest standard HD-DVD.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4008d ago

Remember the first Playstation and the GameCube? The GameCube had those little disc fo avoid piracy and it worked. Personaly I don't want the disc format anymore at all but I'm just saying, Blu is for movies but it's still not the only option for games.

VigorousApathy4008d ago

He was talking about HD-DVD built in to play the games. If Blu-ray is successful they will have to put a Blu-ray reader in the 720 for movies, but they'll still not want to publish their games using Blu-ray. They'll want their games to use a modified HD-DVD format.

Gina-get-u4008d ago

Now that HD-DVD is dead as a commercial format, it would make the ideal medium for console games. There will be no HD-DVD burners, so console games on HD-DVD will be more difficult, if not impossible, to pirate on a large scale.

VigorousApathy4008d ago

People don't seem to realize that there will probably be a second HD DVD vs. Blu-ray war, this time entirely in the gaming industry. Where PS4's 100 and 200 Blu-ray's will go against 720's 60 GB HD-DVD's.

Kleptic4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

Jason is correct...but I don't think it would be a HD-DVD format, but more of a proprietary disc based on Blu Ray...

Sony is more or less the only company to advertise the standard media format as their 'game format'...the PS1 used standard CD-Rom, despite whatever encryption they used for licensing...Sega did the same thing I believe with the Sega CD and the Saturn...but the Dreamcast used a proprietary CD Rom based media that was basically just a denser disc...

the PS2 used and pushed standard DVD as its gaming format...but I think the original Xbox used a proprietary type of DVD that was slightly different as well (but its drive eye still had the ability to read standard DVDs)...I am not positive, but I believe that is the same format used for the Xbox 360 (DVD9, but can't remember if DVD9 is what the Xbox 1 used)...

the only advantage Sony has is to which its the same density blank media disc before its printed...making game production hassle free and easy...the piracy prevention is built into their licensing system, instead of into their format...where as other consoles used a proprietary disc as a further measure...that increased overall printing costs, because special discs needed to be made for that system alone...instead of just using the exact same blank discs as the rest of the electronic industry...

not saying the 360 is like that...the manufacturing of 360 games was no more expensive than last generation...Sony raised the game MSRP to $60 in the US because of the increased costs of game development and the using a new, not yet established, media format...MS simply matched that price, rather than holding onto that cheaper games as an advantage...

my point is only that it would be counter productive for the next Xbox to use a form of HD DVD, which uses a totally different printing and manufacturing process than Blu Ray...If Blu Ray is turning into the standard, it would be far cheaper for MS to aquire some sort of Blu Ray format for the next Xbox...since manufacturing equipment would be tailored exactly for that...

The Blu Ray is 'not needed for gaming' mentality is totally destroyed now doesn't only hurt the PS3s launch...and as the format penetrates the electronic market more and more, the costs will fall drastically...It is much more likely for next gen systems to rely on some form of Blu Ray technology than any other format, for that reason alone...

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Silellak4008d ago

I still say the XBox Live platform is somewhat wasted until an XBox Handheld comes out.

A multi-console gamertag and multi-console achievements sounds very tempting. Also, people might find the Live Gold a fee a bit easier to swallow if it ALSO meant having the same XBox Live interface on a sleek console system - as long as it stayed at $50 a year for BOTH platforms (as it does for the PC now).

The RRoD issue has made me hesitant to look at any further Microsoft platform - at least on release - but if the next generation includes a tightly-integrated handheld with strong XBox Live support, it would go a long way towards changing that opinion.

travelguy2k4008d ago

but its coming to a Zune near you...

Cartesian3D4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

but .. in my opinion there will be no XBOX720 .. atleast it wont be just an ordinary Console..

because MS didnt make enough money from their GAME division , and making another xbox with reliable hardware and HUGE exclusive games need more budget than before.. (buying more devs and Labour .. means Billions of dollars these days .. )

they havent enough first party studios, so making money with software sales is impossible in 2 or 3 years..

they will support 360 as long as they can.. and will make some money .. and they'll quit this business .. OR

will make sth special , Like DS or Surface or sth else.. who knows..

4008d ago
Drekken4008d ago

Man if that isnt the pot calling the kettle black...

tatotiburon4008d ago

hahaha if someone lost a lot of money, that will be Sony

kevoncox4008d ago

You do realize that Ms is making a killing in it's gaming division right now right? Between ads, software sales and selling an almost 3 year old console for 20.00 less than its luanch price.

I guess that Ms is making $100.00 off of every console sold.
$50.00 off of the 20 gig HDD
$100 off og the 120 gig

And hundreds of millions off of Software revenue...

Sony is loosing money on ever console sold and not seeling enough software. Who do you think is more in trouble?

Black_Jack4008d ago

yeah making a killing on faulty hardware. yes the sales are high but the rep is covered with sh!t. albeit i love my xbox360 but the statement about ps3's not selling is abit outdated, they sell more than 360's now.

Jeanne4008d ago

All signs point to Microsoft exiting the console market and turning their focus to Vista exclusive gaming.

Console hardware obviously isn't an area Microsoft is able to compete in. The vast majority of Xbox fans are the US pc gamer demographic. Most of the developers who support the Xbox are US pc developers.

It would be a win for everyone. Console gamers would be rid of the poisonous effect Microsoft has had on the console market. PC developers would have Microsoft focusing on and standardizing the PC game market. And Xbox owners wouldn't ever have to worry about Microsoft faulty hardware again and would be able to have all the Xbox services and standard controllers combined with the ability to build and upgrade your own system at will.

Cartesian3D4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

congrats to u .. for saving your last bubble..

I didnt say MS wont make anythin related to GAMING.. I say it wont be sth like 360 ..imo it will be a revolutionary console.. with some unusual features.. like DS or Surface..

anyway in gamerzone u must show some respect for other opinions.. :) grow up

LJWooly4008d ago

The one who is in debt by god-knows-how-many millions of dollars is the one in the most trouble...

heyheyhey4008d ago


that was retarded

you do know that Sony's game division isn't just the PS3

it's also a successful handheld which they make quite a few quid on, it's also the PS2 which still nearly outsells the 360 in a lot of regions and DOES outsell it by a long shot in Japan

and BTW they don't make a loss one every console sold anymore- that was a thing of a past

M$ has still not turned a penny of profit from their Xbox division, and there problems have barely even started yet- the 3-year warranty is about to end- people who lose their console will not trust M$ again and most will move onto other consoles *cough*PS3*cough*

and who knows if M$ can regain consumer trust with their next console after two consoles with serious problems (one with no games and one with seriously unreliable hardware)

kevoncox4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

Why is MS in debt?
It has prorated a billion dollars for refurbishing consoles..

It hasn't taken a hit for a billion.
It will take proceeds of it's quarterly income. It's not a 1 time hit.
Ms is making money Sony at this point isn't.

You can't dispute that Ms' isn't in a good position.
It's sitting pretty. We are looking at consoles sold and MS is looking at dollars made.

Expect anoth huge profit for this quarter and the 1 after that.
Like I said Ms is making about 100.00 on ever console sold and with Sony barely outselling them and the Ps3 still neck and neck in the visual department, ms has no reason to cut the price.

Add to the fac tthat it's making a killing off of live and the annual fee.

10 million live accounts( lets say 4 million are paying)
50X 4 million = 200 million a year.
Just food for thought. I don't care for Ms but they are far from loosing money this gen. Their business model is s solid 1.

At heyheyhey.
I just said who is in more trouble. I never said Sony is in trouble. As of right now it's Sony. Ms is making money off of all of their videogame produscts. Sony isn't. Yes the ps2 is still selling and the psp is picking up sales. However, i asked who is in more trouble.
Just food for thought. Also, it's not cool to make fun of diabled people man. Grow up.

I just read the rest of the idiotic crap you spewed.
You think Ms's army of fanboy will abandon the 360. No they are just as diligent as you. Actually Ms's gaming division turned a 350.00 million dollar profit last quarter and will trun about a 300 million dollar profit this quarter as well. As far as not turning a profit, i don't think you should use the Sonydefenseforce as a bases for you info about MS.

baxter4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

SONY doesnt lose money on PS3 anymore.

PS3 costs even less than 400$ now to make (i am talking about December of lasy year) so it could even be 350$ by now.

M$ loses a lot on every x360. All x360s are exchanged atleast thrice in their lifetime. Most of x360s are already traded in for ps3s in europe though.

SONY's game division actually made profit of 113 million dollars last quarter. expect that to become around 300 million this quarter since ps3 is now chaepaer to produce, SONY would sell around 2 million ps3s during Jan to March and ofcourse around 5m - 10 million ps3 games would be sold at the same time with DMC4 reaching 1.2million/1.5 million on PS3.


MS isnt. They lose perhaps 2x on RROD

heyheyhey4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )


i guess your not as dumb as i thought you were- although that doesn't change the fact that your first post was pretty effing stupid

yeah M$ are making HUGE $$$$$ with live- as for their next console it goes like this:

why did the PS3 pull through after so much criticism and flame from the media and one of the worst launches in history? strong brand recognition for Sony after the great PS1 and PS2

why did it outsell the 360 even with the lack of games? same thing

people just trust Sony to make a good console now- they see Playstation, they want Playstation

after no games for the first Xbox, people were worried about buying the next, but there was no competition at the time so they bought it anyway- then came the RROD

denial from M$ and abysmal customer services ruined a lot of consumer trust and brand recognition- which could seriously affect the next box

also there's the issue of M$ relying heavily on 3rd party exclusives to make up for their feeble 1st party support- it worked and they got games like Gears and Dead Rising, but they might not get as lucky 2nd time around which leaves them with the Xbox 1 issue- few exclusive games

who knows? anything could happen, but all we know now is that brand recognition is stronger than ever for Sony, and there is a lot of bad publicity for M$

just my bored-at-work ramblings (thank you Sillelak) agree with them if you wish and if you don't- i won't really give two squirts a piss

BTW how was i making fun of disabled people? please explain

LJWooly4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

Of course, I too am expecting Microsoft's game division to start turning profit in the next quarter of this year, if things go well for the 360, which I think they might.

I wasn't hating, by the way, it's just that Sony's Playstation division, at this moment in time, is in an arguably better position than Microsoft's Xbox division (note my use of the word 'arguably') due to huge expenses on Microsoft's part (a large portion of that can be attributed to the 'RRoD' problems).

Sony no longer make a loss on each console, because the PS3 is simply becoming cheaper to manufacture.

To be perfectly honest, I don't think either Sony or Microsoft are 'in trouble', we've got quite a while to go before either the Japanese or American giant begins to topple, and I won't hold my breath, either.

Nice to see you put a lot of thought into the second post, though :)

@ heyheyhey: He's talking about you calling him 'retarded', don't worry about it, it's just that someone who, say, knows someone with a physical or mental disability might take offence. I know you didn't mean it like that, though, so it's cool.

sticky doja4008d ago

"It would be a win for everyone. Console gamers would be rid of the poisonous effect Microsoft has had on the console market."

Yah, the poisonous effect they have had, like basically forcing Sony to drop the price of the PS3 from $599 to $399 in less than a year. Pure poison I tell you. Great games, great online, achievements, all poison.

Competition is great in any business, especially video games. It means better games and lower prices.

IntelligentAj4008d ago

When people say that MS Entertainment and Devices division(which includes the Xbox, Zune and PC games amongst others)in debt they mean from the time they entered the gaming market and the XBox specifically. They are including the billions of dollars they lost on the first Xbox. Granted the 360 has turned a profit in the last 2 quarters but how much money have they lost on the 360 since it's been out. That being said the division as a whole is doing fine(as the 360 just turned to profitability) and I'm 99% certain that they will stay in the gaming market seeing that they made a nice dent in the market share.

meepmoopmeep4008d ago

you do realize that Sony also owns the PS2 and PSP and makes money off that and it's software sales and now blu-ray sales as well don't you?

TheExecutive4008d ago

LOL @ everyone. MS will come out with another xbox. The 360 ISNT making a "killing" and the gaming division of Sony is doing just fine. The PS3 may be a little expensive and they arent making money on it right now but the ps2 is a completely different story.

From what I understand of it MS has finally gotten in the black last year. I dont know how much money they are making but it did take them 6 years to make a dime in the videogame industry. EVERYTHING is more expensive for MS because they have very little in-house manufacturing. They have little to no first party studios which means they have to go through an intermediary every time they want to do something.

potenquatro4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

its an aeticle about the next xbox.i bet most of you havn't own a single console other than playstation. ur messing with the disagrees and messing with the flow of the article by claiming stupid sh!t that is made up and doesn't make sense like always. alot of people here don't even want ms to exist. so stfu u console gaming division is more than the 360 and its profitable. on topic. to me 360 was such a big leap from xbox when it came to an integrated network, i don't know what to epect other than having my mind blown.

rawg4007d ago

I think this will be the last generation of game consoles from both Microsoft and Sony.

By the time we're ready for another console, games will be digitally distributed, the Cell chip will be embedded in everything Sony and Toshiba make, and Microsoft will be licensing XBox Live and the Xbox OS to anyone who will buy it.

The next gen will be more about the peripherals, i.e. Rock Bank, Racing Wheels, GunCon, WiiMote, PSEye, etc.

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Lacarious4008d ago

no gamer in their right mind will be purchasing this console on day 1. Only way I see it being successful is if they issue a 3 year warranty on day 1.

sak5004008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

I think you got it mixed up in your head. We dint have to wait 1 year for quality games. People who bought it on launch started enjoying next gen gaming from get go. I bought mine in Jan, the games like dead rising, kameo, PDZ, PGR3 + many more were all in launch window.

4008d ago
craymoogy4008d ago

and all of the games you mentioned are not that good.

BLUR1114008d ago

I don't see why people they are calling it Xbox720 when they called the second 360 cause it was ment refering as a community 360 .. a gaming system that go's like a 360 around ppl. thats what ms said ,idk ppl are simple

potenquatro4008d ago

i got the 360 on day one and the ps3 on day one. after loosing 200 dollars and still lacking some features, so far the ps3 has been the disapointing one. how do you get agrees?

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rmedtx8884008d ago

What's Next???? Read Ring of Fire? They better fix the current console problems before trying to push for a next one.