US PlayStation Store Update for 02/28/2008

The US Playstation 3 Store is now updated. A new PAIN character, some new Rock Band/Guitar Hero III tunes and a ton of videos round off this weeks update.

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Relcom4192d ago

So it a bad update so what. At least 8 days is coming

Rythrine4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

"8 days" is a game which was thought extinct until last week.

Edit: I see you edited your post. Glad you found out what is 8 days :)

niall774192d ago

means no demos ether :(

still.... finally getting a Lair demo would be nice to see what all the fuss is about

okcomputer4192d ago

I was one of the ones waiting for a lair demo too.. i got impatient and just rented it. Trust me its not worth the wait, even for a demo.

Proxy4192d ago

A real yaaawner this week.

I'll be playing some Castlevania: SOTN. For a PS1 game, it's awesometacular, and COD4 never gets old thankfully.

humble_gamer4191d ago

i disagree cod4 is getting very old as of late...havent touched it for over a week. i think its time for a new game any ideas??

Proxy4191d ago

Yeah. It's been a while since we've had some fresh games. Next game I'm picking up with Hot Shots Golf 5 (or whatever they're calling it these days). Those games a good fun, and it sounds like the multiplayer in this one will be high quality.

I dunno, I havn't taken COD4 out for some time, but that's just because there's nothing worth putting in it's place.

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Bleucrunch4192d ago

This Update wasnt good at all.....but I know it will get better.....they should put in some more ps1 games.

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The story is too old to be commented.