Accordion Hero On The Way

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The makers of Guitar Hero series are expanding their musical vocabulary to reach an untapped market with the release of Accordion Hero. It's hoped that Accordion Hero will reach an entire demographic of uber nerds.

Managing Director, Rolf Moog, claims that there are more than 10 million accordion players on the planet. "We want to tap into that market. A lot of these accordionists are typically shy, nerdy people with low self-esteem. It doesn't help that most of them are fat and ugly. I'm not sure if playing the accordion makes them that way, or if it just attracts such people. In any case, we want to make the accordion players of the world proud of their choice. Even if their parents forced them to play it with threats of exercise and servings of vegetables with their schnitzels.

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monkey6024188d ago

Harmonica Hero has a nice ring to it.

GodsHand4188d ago

JukeBox Hero, has a better ring to it.