Interview: BIU's general manager, Olaf Wolters - GAMESCom 2009 writes: Following the announcement earlier in the week that GAMESCom will be replacing the Leipzig Games Convention in 2009, spoke with general manager of the event Olaf Wolters to discuss the conference in more detail.

Q: Electronic Arts has its German headquarters in Cologne - did that have any influence on the decision?

A: For them the location is coincidence. As an example some members from Frankfurt didn't want to have the convention in their local city, they wanted to see new growth from other cities. And besides that, Electronic Arts has just one vote in our council.

Q: Was there a second choice?

A:The silver medal was for Munich.

Q: So what happens next? Do you expect a conflict with Messe Leipzig?
First of all we want to have a successful Games Convention 2008. After that we will see what plans Messe Leipzig has for 2009. At the same time we will start preparing GAMESCom - we are very confident of success with that.

A: If Leipzig decides to run its own convention, we're pretty sure that most exhibitors will come with us to Cologne. If that happens I don't know what kind of content they want to present. The German publishers will support us and so press and retailers will join us, not the Games Convention.

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