BlizzCast Episode 2 Released

The second episode of the official Blizzard Podcast, BlizzCast, is now available! It begins with none other than our Vice President of Creative Development Chris Metzen who shares his thoughts and experiences on building the stories for our franchises. From the origin of Starcraft to the conceptual stage of continuing stories in Wrath of the Lich King and Starcraft II, we get to share with you his point of view on making some of the most epic stories we've ever had a chance to play.

We also got a chance to sit down with one of our raid designers, Geoff Goodman, to discuss the evolution of the raid dungeon encounter Magtheridon and the changes it will see in patch 2.4. Then thanks to the response from our players and fans we finish with a Q&A session that has information on Starcraft lore and World of Warcraft design changes.

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Maticus4190d ago

Cool, I wish that they'd let us tanks be better in PvP though...

thetamer4190d ago

Totally agree with you Maticus

Leord4190d ago

Well, it seems like something they just draw the line for. I know the feeling though, as it feels "you" have been forgotten =(

Anyway, I am mainly interested in the lore and the way it has evolved from WarCraft II

kalos4190d ago

Wouldn't mind some new info from the Blue Boys regarding paladins and thier relation to the Death Knights, what was once hailed as "The anti-paladin" in Warcraft 3 Alpha.