Chains Of Olympus Only 5 Hours Long, But Worth It

Ben Dutka from PSX writes:

"At last week's Game Developers Conference, it became abundantly clear that independent developers favor quality over quantity, which means we reviewers shouldn't be putting so much emphasis on length. One developer said the lasting impact a game has on the player is far more important than the amount of time it took to finish the title. Basically, if the experience is worth the price of admission, what difference does it make if it's 5 hours or 50 hours?"

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decapitator4510d ago (Edited 4510d ago )

Ok here is the thing. This is not a ******** console game. The maximum size on the UMD is only about 2GB. Best Graphics on the psp up to date.

My point ? People reviewing this should review the game as a portable game and not a freaking console game. Reviewers comparing the game to the freaking PS2 console games is batsh!t biased. They should review the game for what is offers and bring to the portable arena. I would not give a *&$# even if the game was less than 3 hours.


Mr_Kuwabara4510d ago

The thing is that I haven't actually seen a review that talks trash about the game. (Or at least give like a 6/10 or something just because of the hours).

If there is one that talks negative about the 5 hour length and give a bad score because of it, then show me plz.

rogimusprime4510d ago

maybe its 5 hours if you play it on easy without DYING. I didn't even get an xbox until september and I can beat Gears in under 4 hours on medium.

It's just another way to hate and raise doubt and speculation. Pubishers still can't admit that the PSP actually has decent games worth playing and buying. People need to get off their knees and stop worshipping the DS so much.

they said this about call of Duty. I'm pretty decent at that game and it took a bit longer than 4 hours to play on Hardened.

Quality is always better. as long as the story gets to where it needs to go, and has direction

mighty_douche4510d ago

5 hours of excellence or 10 hours of mediocre meh...?

5 hours please... everytime.

DiabloRising4510d ago

Does anyone else think this generation people are talking about game length way too much? I don't know, maybe its everyone is looking towards perceived value now since games have jumped to $60, but I don't remember people talking about how many hours to finish game back in the PS2 days outside of RPGs.

mighty_douche4510d ago

With games getting so much better so much quicker (serious i think some ppl should go play PS2 or xbox1 sometimes... crap!) they're less negatives for ppl to run with, and being negative is eeeeeasy! So they use length, loadtimes,sales #s, anything, just to moan.

Money-wise, $60 is NOTHING for a good game, how many hours have you spent on CoD4 or halo3 (or your game of choice)? i bet its lots!
Oh and lets not forget how much these games cost to produce/market!

Kain814510d ago

but an awesome game, its like a Movie

Regret4510d ago

Great game! I can't wait for HS2 or Folklore 2. These games are so underrated.

redwingsrock4510d ago

personally i don't see myself starring at my psp screen for 5 hrs straight so i know i'll spreed the time out to play this plus i still got my big stack of 24 (+ whatever i buy tomorrow, big payday yay maybe some rock band is in order) PS3 games to play through :)

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