Big Changes Needed for Next-Gen Gaming

GameAlmighty's Chris Jensen writes, "Someone with brains once said, "Nothing is perfect." I assume that very statement isn't perfect either, though I'm hard-pressed to find any fault. No matter, one thing I know for sure is that next-gen gaming is far from flawless. Since I'm such a generous guy, I thought I'd layout my top fixes for various platforms in the (futile) attempt to repair what is broken."

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Time_Is_On_My_Side4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

I think the comment about the redesign of the PSN (PLAYSTATION Network) I completely disagree. The interface is very similar to a website and you can have a description of the game without even clicking on it. You got to give them credit for having peer-peer (P2P) networking free of charge.

The PSP (PlayStation Portable) I do agree on that they should've put a second analog stick, life would've been a whole lot easier.

Microsoft isn't going to get rid of the pricing for the pictures and such because they're into 2D avatars. Like how the PlyStation Home will have some clothing for a fee it's the same with Microsoft. It's just the clothing is for 3D avatars while pictures are for 2D avatars.

I do agree that they really need to change what they're doing with the ID numbers and fees. This also goes to Microsoft for charging online as well and Microsoft is a non peer-peer (non-P2P) networking.

Video Game Prices
I think this person is wrong I don't think it's about the length but more on how intense the game is. For example Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare isn't a very long game yet I enjoyed it. So because you can beat a game within 5 to 10 hours it doesn't mean the game is crap. If the intensity is high I'll most likely have more fun playing a 5 - 10 hour game than a 20 - 40 hour game.