Sony share prices drop 11%, biggest decline in four years

Sony's share prices dropped today by 11% on the heels of another quarterly loss. This is the biggest drop for the company since 2008.

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animegamingnerd2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

just more and more bad news about this industry today ):

cloud4952441d ago

Yeah it sucks big time. Hopefully next gen announcements help the industry get back on their feet.

NewMonday2441d ago

As far as numbers go the plate should be clear for a better result next time after the money from the NY building sale kicks , and the biggest upcoming product should be the Xperia Z, after that the launch of the PS4. With the 2 products 2013 looks like a make or break year for Sony

joab7772441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

i hope so. Its sad that it is everything but their video game comlany that is dooing poorly. Though i think their biggest problem is pricing and adverstising. Everyone knows about Samsung. Sony has TV's and phones that are great quality. But they are either too expensive or no one knows about them or what sets them apart. They dont understand the west like Samsung does. They should merge. They would be giant killers. Imagine the strength and resources allocated to the ps4.

G20WLY2441d ago

This is taken out of context for headline impact...

No mention of the fact that the share price recouped more than half of that fall almost immediately, as they often do, because that might lack sensationalism and cut potential hits for this awful website.

No mention of the fact that Sony shares rose by nearly 60% since start of year (11% drop after results announcement doesn't seem bad enough if you share that!) *source Reuters yesterday.

No mention of the fact that their share price peaked in 2001 (as was common at the time) - does that mean Sony has suffered ever since? Have we had a lack of software from Playstations? And were they poor quality?

Site is hit hunting with spin. GimmeGimmeABreak would be a better name imo lol

miyamoto2441d ago is a low life site click bait site like Kotaku, IGN, MojoDojo, waste of time etc.

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Anon19742440d ago

What's that? The stock pulled back during a market dip after it ran up 60% in just a few weeks?

Get out of town.

whoyouwit042441d ago

Poor poor Sony, with all the talk of ps4 I figured their shares would go up, Guess Sony is still a sinking ship.I really hope all 3 companies can get it together and get the Industry growing again. maybe if there wasn't the idiots blind loyalties to to buying one companies machine and dogging the others the industry would continue to grow. don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with favoring one machine over the other cause I make it clear i favor my 360 over the rest of my consoles but at least I own them all. There have already fan boys who just wrote the 720 off in favor of the ps4, but I really have to ask why? I plan on doing the same thing next gen as this gen and that is to own all 3 consoles.

2441d ago
majiebeast2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

Sony should just quit the tv business or find a way to lower the costs and price competitively to Samsung and LG( LG which make crappy and poor build tv's but price point is everything with the economy being in the dumpster). Sony is now firmly in the black though which is a good thing and is sure to post a profit in Q4, and the Xperia Z seems to get alot of positive response and hype.

Its taking time for Kaz to turn the company around after Howard Stringer but if anyone can do it is him, the man has a vision and Playstation is a keystone to that which is good news for gamers.

PS3 is gonna have a killer year compared to 2012, the game's industry in general is gonna have a much better year, then the very lackluster 2012. Which only had a few remarkable title's in Journey,Walking dead,Far cry 3 and Dishonored there are more but not many.

Good_Guy_Jamal2441d ago

How'd you figure they are back in the black? They made yet another loss this quarter. That Reuters article hadn't factored in taxes and other fees yet which why they reported just the operational income. In the end they were still 115 million in the red.
They are expected to pull out of it however through more job cuts and building sales.

G20WLY2441d ago

They already sold a building, which didn't make these figures.

I haven't seen any plans to sell more buildings or any other assets - and when did they announce job cuts? If you could provide a link, that would be great as I'd be interested to read that.

Lvl_up_gamer2441d ago

@ G20WLY

Sony Sold a building for $1.1 billion but used that cash to pay off $750 million worth of debt.

So how much help do you think that sold building is going to help them get back into the black?

Sony needs to stop the bleeding, not put a band-aid on it. Sony needs to generate more sales to offset their expenses. Job cuts are usually the first to happen since it would cost more to just stop producing products. When there are no more jobs to cut, then they start looking at their products.

If Sony can't get out of the red, expect job cuts in the near future.

G20WLY2441d ago

Lol thanks Levelup, you made my day! It’s in no way as simple as this, but okay, let’s work your numbers through and pretend there are no other impacting factors: 1.1bn (building)-750m (debt)-115m (net loss)=235m (in the black), does it not?!

And for the sake of adding clarity, my question was: “what other assets are they known to be selling and where were these impending job cuts reported?” Not: “might either of those things ever happen in the future?” lmao

I agree on one point though; these are not long term solutions. They are, however, common tactics to bolster results. The long term solution is, as you say, product development and sales – the former has just concluded a major cycle and who knows regarding the latter?

Share price is recovering today btw, but don’t take my word for it; google it. I’m sure we’ll see an article on that from this website too, just like they covered the 60% rise since start of year /s smh

mwjw6962441d ago

Sony tvs are over priced crap, they have been for years. Samsung, Sharp,Panasonic, and LG always have the best rated tvs year after year. Not a single Sony is mentioned.

Go ahead look around Sony is 39th.

Sony is not in the Black. That Reuters article is explained by Good_Guy_Jamal.

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Cocozero2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

No surprise the company as a whole is still in the red. Kaz said that the playsttion division whould save them but PS3 and Vita sales where lower than expected. Showing the ps3 still trailing the 360 by over 1.5ml and vita having its sales forcast cut again by 3ml.

If the PS4 doesnt take off it could be even worse news for Sony

Ezz20132441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

where the hell did you get that ps3 still behind xbox360 by 1 million ?!

ps34 sold 76million
while xbox sold 75.9million
ps3 is tie or ahead of xbox360

stop reading vgcharts ,dude

vega2752441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

$ony bundled the ps2+ps3 together to get 6.8 million shipped. which doesn't tell how much the ps3 shipped at all. so unless you have proof that sony shipped more ps3 or even shipped 6 million ps3 within the quarter. then it could very well mean that the ps3 is still behind. since we still haven't heard any from sony announcing that they are ahead of the 360.

ontop: this isn't looking good for sony at all. especially withthe rumor of the ps4 announcment coming in a few days. with this much loses i wondering if they can really afford to take a lose on the hardware when it does release or will they go back to the $500-$600 price range.

edit:i don't see how i getting disagrees when sony's own finacial report shows they combined ps2 and ps3 together and got 6.8 million for the 4th quarter.

Cocozero2441d ago

The PS3 was at 68ml at the end of the last quater. If you add 6.8ml to that its at 74.8ml. Thats the max the PS3 could be at but that would also mean that the PS2 sold nothing and we all know thats not true so thats why the gap is over 1.5ml :)

Lvl_up_gamer2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

"stop reading vgcharts ,dude"

Says the guy who is comparing "SHIPPED" to "MARKET SHARE".

Ezz2013....SHIPPED numbers are NOT MARKET SHARE.

VGchartz tracks SOLD TO CUSTOMERS = MARKET know, the numbers that actually MEAN something.

The numbers YOU are using are SHIPPED numbers, which hold ZERO RELEVANCE and are meaningless.

Ezz20132441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

what the hell ?!...what world do you live in ?!
last quater ps3 was 70.2million ..not 68million

get your facts right and stop looking into vgcharts

and as for you
ps2 numbers are at best 0.5 or 0.8million
while the rest are ps3 numbers
out of 6.8million
ps3 sold 6million and ps2 sold 0.8million
and BTW that the 3rd quarter for sony ...not the 4th quarter

vega2752441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

please provide a link or proof as to the ps2 selling that low. cause i looked and can't find any. so unless you work for sony. i would gladly like to see that information since no one outside of sony has that info.

and i would like a link for the ps2 sales this year not last years figures or a few months ago. 4th quarter 2012 results please

you can pm me that if you need to...... i be waiting.

Cocozero2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

Lol i knew you would make that mistake. That 70ml announcement was made in November by Sony it WAS NOT what they where at when they announced their quarterly results (in Oct ) so they sold an additional 2ml during Oct to get to that.

Do better research next time, the is ps3 behind the 360 by over 1.5ml just accept that and move on ;)

That report was just an estimate, do you really think Sony would give their finacial data out to a reaserch firm before their own investors? Serioulsy?

shikamaroooo2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

@Cocozero funny cause this report shows the PS3 ahead of the 360 by 1 million . Edit: mate its from 67 page report which costs $4500... You really think they would provide fake numbers? IDC have over 1000 analystys ...... Surely they would know more than you do

Ezz20132441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )


again what the hell ?!

you said (and you were wrong)
"The PS3 was at 68ml at the end of the last quater"

the last quarter was 70million ps3's
that report was from sony them self

1st quarter 63.9 million ps3 sold
2nd quarter 70million
3rd quarter 76million

joeorc2441d ago

you are 100% correct.

Sony is the Last of the Three to give out and publish their Number's. at the end of sales Q2: sony was @70.2 million shipped. at the end of Q3: ITS OVER 76 MILLION
Pretty close I would say to 76.6 i would imagine, due to the last 3 year's prior to 2012 year sony has shipped 6.5 or 6.6 million for the Past 3 year's during that sales Quarter! what would change, demand lessning for the PS3? if that was true there would not be as much brisk sales if that was true.

the fact that in ever 3rd Sales Quarter since 2008 Sony has shipped over 6 million PS3's.the PS2 is no longer in production, so it's number's are not a larger number of those shipments.i doubt very much past 300,000 unit's!

the fact that, the three year's prior had Sony shipping over 6 million, does prove that with the damand for the PS3 has increased not waned in the past year, would show and increase or stable demand for the platform. so which is more likly to happen, Sony ship's more PS2's than the damands for the PS3 right now? they just stopped production on the PS2 completely during the 3rd Quarter!

I would understand the doubt of the PS3's number's if there was a deep reduction for demand of the PS3, but here it is 2013 and still selling world wide more unit's at a faster rate than the xbox360 in a shorter point of time. Microsoft had over a 1 year heard start and Had at one time over a 8 million unit lead. YET SOME EVEN ADMITTED WHO DISAGREED WITH YOU SAID IT'S 1.5 million still in xbox360's favor. that number is sale through data, which no one can know outside of the companies themselves, those are guess, not a fact, shipment number's is the only real way you can get a accurate number because sample sizes are still a guess. its not a fact.

the fact's are the xbox360 has shipped over 75 million!

while the PS3 has over 76 million shipped!

these are the fact's based on both Microsoft and Sony's shipment number's.

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