PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Wins Best Fighting Game At D.I.C.E 2013

PS Euphoria: At the D.I.C.E awards tonight, SuperBot Entertainment and Sony Santa Monica won Best Fighting Game for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

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HeroLv92447d ago

congrats Superbot! I enjoyed playing your game and hopefully you will be able to make another one!

Veneno2447d ago

The industry knows a brilliant fighting game when they see it. Gamers, not so much.

chrispseuphoria2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

I totally agree! If people actually played it rather than assuming it's just a Smash Bros clone, they would understand how great it really is.

Kevlar0092447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

I only played it once, but other than having a bunch of 1st party and special guest characters, and the fact it's part platforming you can't really compare them. I found SSB to be a little simpler and easier to understand from the get-go, picking up Smash you have better clues as to how you are doing and has easier to use controls, while in All-stars I couldn't quite figure how to win from picking it up

Obviously if I played it more I would understand All-Stars better. I feel like the Smash concept back on the 64 was more novel when it was created and has has more games to build upon (the idea of getting Mario, Link, Pikachu to fight each other was pretty big back in the day). One thing All-stars could use is a competitive scene, or at the very least time to grow.

andibandit2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

People should've just admitted that it was a SSB clone and then said they found it better than SSB, but instead die hard sony fans would point out ridicouless differences, in order to claim originality. So now all we talk about is whether it's a clone or not and not about if the game is good or not.

Wintersun6162447d ago

So true. I had my doubts about this game based on the discussions I had read here. But then I decided to go for it when it was on sale at PSN for 22€ a couple of weeks ago. And I'm glad I did.

The game has its pros and cons and while the cons such as lack of different game modes and widely wanted certain characters seem quite big, they never stopped me from enjoying this game.

I've had a good time with it and I'm just hoping for a sequel with a bigger roster, more game modes such as a health bar mode, more big name characters like Crash and Cloud.

garos822447d ago

well said bubble and agree however let that be a lesson to you NOT to form opinions on discussions bashing a game especially when said game hasnt sold much.

it goes to show how ignorant people base opinions on what the masses say and you can essentially miss out on some great games in the process.

bought the game day one and it certainly is great value for money in terms of how many hours ive sunk into it.Further hours shall be sunk in with the free dlc coming in 6 days!

axerated2447d ago

I know bro, so many people jump on the crapwagon for this game but if you ask anyone who actually owns it and plays it regularly they love it. Personally it's the best game I've played on my vita so far next to wipeout, great for gaming on the go and addictive as hell

kenshiro1002447d ago

SSB isn't original either. Your point?

No one claimed it was original, but there are differences when you compare the two games. Maybe if people stopped screaming 'ripoff' and played the game for what it is, it would have been received better.

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ShugaCane2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

The game is fun but I think they should have made a proper fighting game, instead of a SSB-like. Just imagine Kratos Vs Nathan Drake with Soul Calibur graphics or gameplay, that would be epic.

Veneno2447d ago

That would have been awesome as well. Or like a marvel vs capcom like system where you play as 3 characters and come up with all sorts of sweet combinations.

But what they made is unique and stands out, amd it worked out to be come a great game. Im satisfied.

Kevlar0092447d ago

Then you realize there are a bunch of 1v1 stage fighters out there. I love the fighting system in Smash, it's really in a league of its own and a unique experience. Obviously Superbot tried to match that spirit, though the Sony fanbase might not be that kind of crowd. The future should be interesting, I see nothing wrong with imitation, Smash will always be special to me and other Nintendo players

dgonza402447d ago

I completely disagree. The art style of the different more cartoon characters would have clashed drastically with the graphics you're describing.

coppermek2447d ago

The problem is that PSAS wasn't a fighter, it was a brawler. Very similar genre, but it's like comparing Gears of War to Halo. Yes, you shoot things in both of them, but they're still 2 different games that are actually a part of different sub-genres.

Was it the best brawler that came out last year? Yes. Was a game with the word Tekken in it the best fighter to come out last year? Regrettably, yes.

SAE2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

No one can beat tekken. I would be glad to proven wrong :D. Gonna try dead or alive on vita then i will decide if i will buy it or not. Hope it's good ^^

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