Rayman Legend's Developers Speak Up: Not Happy With Delay

After getting the news earlier about Rayman Legends being delayed and no longer being a Wii U exclusive, it caused an uproar over the net. Wii U owners being upset because a game they had been waiting for awhile now. Gamers have taken to forums everywhere to voice their opinions on what Ubisoft is doing with this game. Then, having the Xbox 360 and PS3 owners pretty happy with what's happening but what about how the developers feel? That's something we wouldn't usually know but today a Rayman Legends developer spoke up.

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chadboban2448d ago

Wow, this really kinda puts things into perspective huh? Shows the kind of crap devs have to go through due to crappy business decisions by a bunch of guys in suits and ties.

animegamingnerd2448d ago

those guy's in suits are ruining this industry

Gamer19822448d ago

Games i suits are ruining the industry by bringing great games to more gamers? Yeah great logic there mate..

animegamingnerd2448d ago

@gamer1982 then who makes decisions like this as well as on disc DLC fund cheap cash in's like money tie in's and rush games to make a deadline

fei-hung2448d ago

Doesn't this happen to all titles that go multiplat after bring exclusive like FF13.

On Ubisofts part, it was shitty to make this move, but this could possibly be due to not enough WiiU's being out there on the market to possibly cover costs of production by getting enough sales.

A slight delay to get more people playing the game is not as shitty a decision as firing people for the game not selling well. It's a tough decision, but someone has to make it.

rainslacker2447d ago

It's not often you see devs speak out against the publishers themselves, particularly when they're still working with them.

A lot of times it seems that people on forums never separate the two. Developers though generally try as much as they can to make the best game possible. It's a shame the game is getting some hate now because of this decision.

Benjaminkno2448d ago

This was all about money.

Ubisoft doesn't like WiiU sales, and fans were clamoring for Rayman for current consoles. This is one of the reasons why games are beginning to suck: They treat developers like SH*T!

Starfox172448d ago

3 million sold at the end of december is bad ??? i dont think so.

Gamer19822448d ago

It was though for a new a console in this modern age where gaming is now a form of media to rival any other form of media. Nearly every household has a console. As for this all about money, yeah money was initially behind it but the gamers are the ones who win so who cares other than the WiiU fanboys crying out as this was there only decent game until the second half of 2013?

MasterCornholio2448d ago

But a combined install base of over 140 million consoles is even better which is why Ubisoft is releasing it on both the PS3 and the 360. As for the delay the XBOX is at fault here due to Microsofts policys on the release dates.

bigbearsack2448d ago

Nintendo needs to quit having Ubisoft on their system launches. 3DS ,and now WIIU.

Aceman182448d ago

sometimes we as gamers have the right to be upset with developers when they are acting arrogant and whatnot, but in this case i knew i couldn't be upset with the development team because this decision could only be made by the higher ups.

my glad that more people can play this game, but it really sucks how the execs are holding back an already finished game from those who want to play it now.

knifefight2448d ago

That blurb puts all worldwide English teachers on suicide watch.

FamilyGuy2448d ago

The source material isn't in English, this was a rough translation.

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The story is too old to be commented.