Apple – The Silent King of the Games Industry

The Daily Reaction crew discuss Apple's entry into the games market, and how Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are looking at them for inspiration.

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badz1492443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

of course numbers talk and Apple makes A LOT from app sales and that's including games. but to say that Apple is the KING of gaming industry is kinda wrong IMO!

sure, they are king of profits but iOS only accounts for 25% of the overall smartphone markets while Android is the majority of the remaining 75%! looks like they are doing things right where they earn so much with smaller market share but that is due to Apple users are used to have to pay for stuffs and Apps while Android users prefer free Apps! I know I do.

so, as far as gaming is concern, Apple may be earning more but do people really think of Apple when talking about gaming? nah...not so much and I think Apple don't care too much about it either! if they do, they would've established their Macs to properly play games but they didn't and even devs know that games are not going to sell THAT much on Macs which make the effort not even worth it!

LocutusEstBorg2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

No body buys Android apps in 90% of the world. iOS games outsell console games in volume and revenue. Apple makes the most money by an order of magnitude. iOS games have sharp image quality, 32-bit colour and run at native resolution. Consoles games are blurry, jagged, have poor image quality and shitty textures.

2443d ago
saladthieves2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

It doesn't matter how many games or how much money the company with a fruit logo is able to sell/make - they are still mobile device games and to me should not be compared with the console ones.

Try harder next time

TrendyGamers2443d ago

I wouldn't exactly call them silent, they get pretty loud every 6 months when a new iPad comes out.

humbleopinion2442d ago

And I wouldn't call them kings either. Not because apple doesn't even make games, but because 500M devices still doesn't mean people actually spend money on games there (especially since most of the stuff is free). In dollar terms (meaning how much money was actually spend on gameS), the entire mobile gaming market is a small blip on the radar - probably still less than 10% of the overall market.

Hell, by the same logic one can call Nokia the king of games: They sold over one billion devices which had the game Snake on them (which is probably twice as many devices as Windows PCs with Solitaire/Minesweeper). But that's not a real market.

NastyLeftHook02443d ago

silent....but deadly. (poof)

i disagree, sony are the kings of the gaming industry.

dbjj120882443d ago

Oh yeah, I forgot that they're watching N4G.

I love Sony too!

Thirty3Three2443d ago

I agree, Tentons.

Sony has it!

romancer2442d ago

Sony "are"...? Sony is the plural of what?

Lvl_up_gamer2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

Pretty sure Nintendo is...

You would think the KING of gaming would have made more then $6 million in their Gaming Division in Q3 while their competition made $540+ million and $450 million in the same time frame....

Whitefeather2442d ago

If you're in it for the games not sales you'll know Sony is where it's at.

gobluesamg2442d ago

I see you on every thread spouting your BS man. Get a life. Who cares if you don't like Sony. What a hollow existence sticking up for a company that doesn't give a [email protected]#t about you on the internet.

Lvl_up_gamer2442d ago

@ Whitefeather

Sony makes money off of exclusives. With a $6 million Q3 doesn't look like "Sony is where it's at" regarding games since nobody seems to be buying them.

@ gobluesamg

Why you so mad? I am just simply pointing out a flaw in tentonsoftube logic. If we are talking "kings" of gaming, then it would be the company that is actually making a profit off of their gaming division since their profits show consumer purchases.

If Sony is the KING of gaming, then why is it nobody is buying their exclusives? What is the sense of having a large library of games if nobody is buying them? It's just money wasted...which explains why Sony only made $6 million profit in their gaming division while companies like MS and Nintendo are making $550 million and $450 million in the same quarter respectively.

You wanna talk "kings" of gaming...

MS - $550 million profit Q3 Gaming division earnings
Nintendo - $450 million profit Q3 Gaming division earnings
Sony - $6 million profit Q3 Gaming division earnings

Just looking at those numbers, it's pretty clear Sony is FAR from being kings of gaming.

I am just using facts. Sorry they upset you.

And for the Record, I do like Sony. I have a Phat 60gb launch PS3. It's a great system. I have a huge library of blu-ray movies. Just because I point out the "ugly" facts shouldn't upset you so much.

Outside_ofthe_Box2441d ago

***"And for the Record, I do like Sony. I have a Phat 60gb launch PS3. It's a great system. I have a huge library of blu-ray movies."***

lol you think people believe that bull?

***" Just because I point out the "ugly" facts shouldn't upset you so much.'***

It's not that you point them out. It's that it's all you ever do when you comment on anything Sony related. Pretty much comes off as trolling or trying push an agenda or somethin'.

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dbjj120882443d ago

I get the argument, but I think there's pretty even competition in the gaming industry. It's fierce, but that keeps the industry moving forward.

Wedge192443d ago

Yeah, I don't think there is one clear "victor" in the games industry. There's always the need for competition.

doctorstrange2443d ago

Need does not guarantee outcome.

shodaime2443d ago

Silent these nutz!! They are like activision, every year some new shit come out from them..nd shit hella expensive too

doctorstrange2443d ago

And just like with Activision, people line up in droves to buy it...

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