Tecmo Koei Explains why NG3: Razor’s Edge Content Isn’t DLC, is “Definitely Not a Full Retail Price”

One very important thing missing from the Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge announcement yesterday was how much it would cost. With the Wii U version of Razor’s Edge releasing at full price, that seemed like a good possibility, but it looks like it will be cheaper.

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TrendyGamers2445d ago

It should release at $30 or $40 in North America.

jc485732445d ago

good chance is going to be 50, but I hope is around 40.

Wedge192445d ago

Personally I think all new games should launch at 40. More new sales for developers, less used sales. But at least some people have it right.

TrendyGamers2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

$40 is probably the best, anything more would be a put off for people who bought Ninja Gaiden 3 at full price.

CalvinKlein2444d ago

if it was 20$ Id consider buying it. I just got NGS1+ for free from vita psn+ and would rather play that. I will maybe buy NGS2+ as well even though I already had that game on 360.

T3mpr1x2445d ago

Hmm, buy this edition or play the free version on the Vita...The choice pretty much makes itself.

dbjj120882445d ago

A self-aware publisher who prices their software competitively and comparatively with the quality of the product? Certainly shocking compared to some publishers *COUGH* ACTIVISION *COUGH*

AznGaara2444d ago

Props to Sony for releasing Sly Cooper for $40. Meanwhile Modern Warfare 3 is still $50...

Captain Qwark 92444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

actually i noticed many of activisions games tend to remain at high prices. i was looking for some cheap copies of older games they made and they havent dropped much from their original retail prices and some like spyro actually increased in value. marvel ultimate alliance 2 and the spiderman games are other good examples

wishingW3L2444d ago

I kipped the first one because I knew this was gonna happen so I'm buying this version day 1!

PS4isKing_822444d ago

Since take two said they don't believe dev costs will increase this next gen, it would be nice if some new games at least went back to ps2 days prices of $49.99.

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