Microsoft lowered Vista requirements to help Intel sell incompatible chipsets

Engadget writes:

"So now that the "Vista Capable" lawsuit is a full-blown class action, the judge has unsealed all 158 pages of emails between Microsoft execs trying to sort out what went wrong with the sticker program. While bits and pieces have been blacked out, what remains is still fairly incredible -- although Intel's 915 chipset was initially rejected as compatible with Vista, MS execs flatly admit that "In the end, we lowered the requirements to help Intel make their quarterly earnings so they could continue to sell motherboards with the 915 graphics embedded" and "We are caving to Intel. We worked the last 18 months to drive the UI experience and we are giving this up." On top of that, it seems that the company was getting direct feedback from retailers that the stickers were confusing, with Wal-Mart appealing directly to HP to pull Vista Capable stickers from low end machines, and an MS exec saying that "I was in Best Buy listening to people and can tell you this did not come clear to customers. We set ourselves up." That's pretty damning, if you ask us -- and the complete emails, linked below, are full of similar bombshells. Looks like this case may have some serious legs after all."

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Joey Gladstone4007d ago

"we lowered the requirements to help Intel make their quarterly earnings"..... I really am left speechless on this one and think the Microsoft Exec's have said everything for me lol.....
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

gamesR4fun4007d ago

wth talk about trying to pass the buck.

Bleyd4007d ago

It wasn't Intel's fault that MS gave up the fight to hold to their standards of minimum required specs. MS, in the interest to keep good standing with a company that they can't really get along without, intentionally allowed the Vista capable stickers to be placed on computers that really weren't Vista capable in the end. Intel didn't force them with a gun to their heads to make this decision. Intel merely put up enough of a fight about it to make MS want to give in.

In other words, Ms sold out on their morality to help Intel make a few extra bucks.

v1c1ous4007d ago


dodged a bullet there!

Tempist4007d ago

I seriously wonder how AMD will respond to this. Probably with something in regard to anti-trust / unfair trade. I think the argument that Vista / Microsoft catered to Intel over AMD to help Intel make a profit, similarly when AMD wasn't doing as hot, could turn into another lawsuit.

diatom4007d ago

Heh... The case has been ongoing for almost 3 years now.

mighty_douche4007d ago

I've really started to have enough with Vista.

I know all OS's have their issues upon release, but not like this.

verb3k4007d ago

ubuntu rules windows big time

cartman3134007d ago

How do you get your wireless card to work with Ubuntu? That is what is holding me up. :(

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