No GTA 4 demo

Rockstar: "We would have to give away half the game for free. People would think Liberty City is a tiny city. You run into problems."


When asked if there will be a demo Rockstar replied: "I'm sure there won't be. If there was we would have talked about it. With a game like this the guys at Rockstar North will want to spend every minute making the game look great. Most people know the concept of GTA anyway. I don't know that the demo is worth the time and effort."

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ChrisGTR14191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

hows this news? theres never been a gta demo

Mr_Kuwabara4191d ago

Making a demo for GTA IV (heck any GTA for that matter) would be hella troublesome. They'll have to restrict some places, cut out a few things that it'll just not work at all and would probably delay the game altogether. Just keep on the pace Rockstar. I'm not desperate.

toughNAME4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

Just Cause did it... Saints Row did it... and Burnout too

You'd think with those extra 6 months they could throw something together

Not complaining, just pointing out Rockstars mistakes

Diugu4191d ago

I wish they would have thought of something.

A demo would be nice.

newneto4191d ago

GTA is a solid brand. I hope all this wait pay back.

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