Alan Wake Preview

Just like we have told you that there is no game on the horizon like BioShock, Alan Wake is another Xbox 360 game that can't be compared to any other title. And if you think this game is similar to Alone in the Dark or the Silent Hill series, you're about to get a surprise.

Alan Wake is described by Remedy as a "psychological action thriller". The game's backdrop story is about a horror writer who uses his dreams- which most of the time are nightmares- as a source for his work. When he met Alice, Alan found a muse that helped inspire him to write a novel that quickly became a best selling book. He became famous and rich; everything looked like a dream until Alice disappears without a trace

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Alone in the Dark - Everything You Need to Know in 60 Seconds | PS5 Games

More than a mere battle for survival, this journey will challenge your core beliefs. But what exactly is Alone in the Dark?

Join Jodie Comer (Killing Eve) and David Harbour (Stranger Things) in this cosmic horror tale set against a Southern Gothic backdrop. Experience the breakdown of reality through their characters' eyes as you face countless challenges, from searching puzzles to scarce ammo, to uncover the truth at the heart of Derceto Manor.

Alone in the Dark is coming to PlayStation 5 and March 20!


Alone In the Dark, The Remake Of The Original Survival Horror Game | New Gameplay Today

Game Informer: "We finally have the opportunity to revisit arguably the original survival horror game in a brand new light with the aid of Hollywood actors."

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shinoff218342d ago

I'm with you two. This game is looking pretty solid hopefully it turns out as good as it looks


The survival horror game “Alone in the Dark” is now coming to PC and consoles on March 20th, 2024

"The Vienna-based (Austria) vidoe games publisher THQ Nordic and Skövde-based (Sweden) indie games developer Pieces Interactive, today to announced that their survival horror game “Alone in the Dark”, is now coming to PC (via Steam) and consoles (the PS5 and Xbox Series X) on March 20th, 2024." - Jonas Ek, TGG.