Ubisoft looks at new ways to play with Watch Dogs like a mobile component for asymmetric multiplayer

Ubisoft revealed their new IP Watch Dogs just last summer at E3, and while we haven't really heard much since then, community interest sits rather high. And why not? We're hitting the end of a generation, when games as a whole feel less about innovation than they do milking (as in money).

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soultecc2443d ago

oh god they are going to ruin it with multiplayer

NegativeCreepWA2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Nothing wrong with giving people options and replayability. Don't play the multi-player if you don't want to.

PhantomT14122443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Yep and for once, the concept of tablets and mobiles is in line with the themes of the game, not just a gimmick.

Tapioca Cold2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Just give me a contoller 9without a screen in the middle) and i'll play the game and enjoy it. Why is everyone buying into this off TV crap?

In Wii U's Zombie game you have to look at the gamepad to see in your back pack leaving you vulnerable on the TV. Why not just have it on the TV? bring up items and still have the game running in the background.

This stuff (move, kinect, apps is all just garbage creating shovelware). doesn't anyone get that?

People were so friggin hyped about kinect. I mean, I was on hear readign the hype about project Natal and how it was going to be like Minority report and all that. It's horrible!!!!!!

Just let me play my games! I want beer, big screen, big sound, multiplayer, and sofa.

Why is there this need to change? TV has been the same for over half a century, radio too. Boardgames as well. You roll the die and have fun. That's it!

soultecc2443d ago

i agree with everything you said.

have a bubble

NegativeCreepWA2443d ago

Sorry, but the Wii U controller adds a level immersion and tension to Zombie U that wont get from other games.

EliteGameKnight2443d ago

If you do not want a screen in the middle buy it for a different system. You have to understand, things always change. Without this change, and the people who pioneered it, there wouldn't be HD T.Vs as this classifies as a change over the older ones for obvious reasons. The same applies to sound systems and radio. They have just happened slowly.

The Wii U's second screen was a major change. And though this may have stricken the wrong note with some people, without this pioneering we would never know if it could work. As shown with the Kinect: it can work rather well with some things, but terribly with others. It is simply to soon to tell with the Wii U yet.

The game Zombiu, was made to explore this to an extreme depth. It's use of peering at the pad to rummage through your backpack was intentional. If you simply had a menu on the television with the game still in real time, you would lose the suspense the creators were trying to give you, the game would drastically be less entertaining.

I apologize for offence as I state my views, but things have always changed. And denying it will not help create the things that could be.

jay22443d ago

Current gen consoles WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right now, the team is working around the clock to get Watch Dogs out next year, in time to stay on current gen consoles ffs, at least 2 360 disc's guys :(.

Kevlar0092443d ago

Release it for the WiiU. You have your asymmetrical gameplay/cell phone fantasy right there.

Man that was easy

stuntman_mike2443d ago

what they are explaining in the article sounds like it was made for WiiU.

Kevlar0092443d ago

The game really feels like a WiiU title (the type of game developers should be making for the WiiU). Being able to control your Character while managing streets and systems on the pad would be pretty ingenious. If you wanted to do two player one person could use the gamepro controller to move about a shoot while another person is in control of the environment, like the gamepad user is someone back at the base controlling from above.

stuntman_mike2443d ago

exactly, why people don't want to see a certain games on WiiU is beyond me, it isn't hurting them. if anything it's an extra income channel for the developers and more people will get to see the fruits of their labour.

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