Borderlands 2 developer: Raising the level cap could break our game (interview)

GamesBeat's Sebastian Haley: As part of a larger discussion with Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford, I wanted to get the outspoken and enthusiastic developer’s thoughts on the Borderlands 2 level cap.

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JeffGrubb2440d ago

Well, then why am I gonna buy the DLC for my maxed out character? NEED THE GRIND!

admiralvic2440d ago

The point of the DLC should be to implement "better" weapons, additional resources, new content or offer new options for builds or builds in general. So far the DLC only adds new options for builds, which is great for that select minority, but is practically useless for everyone else. The DLC also adds new stories (most of which suck), missions and of course raid bosses.

What we need are new features that 2 was missing or at least a new use for eridium past summoning raid bosses. I think it's stupid that they've implemented 50+ new weapons and added 0 inventory or bank spots. Whats the point of having new weapons / unique content is we have the same storage?

ziggurcat2440d ago

how would raising the cap in borderlands 2 be any different than raising the cap in the first borderlands?

lazy devs?

X2440d ago

It might not be as simple as raising a number.

If they allot enough skill points, it can heavily alter the balance of the game if a character can get two gamechangers. Axton with two double gun turrets for example.

Also as jerethdagryphon has pointed out, certain combinations of skills can cause potential conflicts.

Megaton2440d ago

I have a level 100 Axton with maxed trees. It's not as game-breaking as it sounds. The turrets are still mostly useless against level 50 enemies.

X2440d ago

So now let's take the next step then. If you haven't done so already, have you tried being in a group of 4 axtons, each having that setup? If so, how was it?

1nsaint2438d ago

Well at least what there saying in this article that some skill point combinations will break or crash the game is TOTAL BS! I have lots of friends with modded characters with maxed out skill points and bigger inv space, and nothing is crashing or breaking the game...

So yes lazy devs... :(

jerethdagryphon2440d ago

not really if you had a skill that said every point of damage done heals 1 hp , and that was the max in one tree

and another skill in anotehr tree that said every hp healed does 1 damage to targeted enemy

those 2 are never meant to engage together

so raising the level cap to give you one mroe skill point

would create situations where
every damage done healones hp which deals damage which heals which deals damage which heals ad infinatum its potentially gamebreaking,

thats what there saying
we could raise the cap if we changed all the skills ala wow but if we change the skills we may create more problems.

in another example, if you ever played a card game called magic the gathering, certain sets worked fine in a bubble interacting with nothing but themselves

but once those sets got out in the wild and mixed with others potentialy game breaking combos occured

once such combo is stuffy doll + pariahs shield with stuffy doll targeting you, it creates a infinate loop game state.

pariahs shield damage done to you redirects to equipped creature

stuffy doll, stuffy doll is indestructable, damage done to stuffy doll is done to target player,

infinite loop game breaks thats all it is

TheGOODKyle2440d ago

I understand that the devs are worried that their game might be different but that might actually be a good thing. On the flip side perhaps the very last DLC could have a cap increase and people do run over everything. But Gearbox really needs to make the last DLC special for that to happen efficiently and the customers appreciate it like they want.

Minato-Namikaze2440d ago

Then say this beforehand, not after you release the dlc

admiralvic2440d ago

Or make your game with this in mind...

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The story is too old to be commented.