New GTAIV Preview and Stunning New Screens Released From Latest Build

From Gametap:

"In our nearly two-hour long visit to Rockstar's plush hotel room on the 8th floor of Hotel Vitale in San Francisco today--which gave us one beautiful view of the city--both of us got a better perspective on the virtual city of Liberty City, Rockstar North's imaginative interpretation of present day New York, plus plenty of hands-on time with the game."

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decapitator4192d ago

DO WANT. 100 Hours to complete ?! ..This is the action RPG I have always wanted. Thanks Rockstar.

decapitator4192d ago

This years GOTY contender will be a hard pick

:-Dramatic vehicle jumps from previous games return.
-There are no returning characters from previous GTAs.
-A GPS system will tell you the optimal route for arriving at a mission checkpoint.
-You can plant waypoints anywhere in the city.
-The wanted rating can go up to six stars.
-Customization is restricted to clothing changes--no afros or anything like that.
-The fighting style Niko uses is krav maga.
-You can take a taxi or ride the subway to get to various points on the map. You can sit back and enjoy the ride or immediately jump from one point to the next.

TriggerHappy4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

Am worried. Still no details about the PS3 version ? Rockstar said they would be showing it very soon but still not a single word on that ?

EDIT: Has anyone heard anything about the PS3 version at all?? I mean even the smallest thing ?

decapitator4192d ago

I think, there was a preview here not too long ago from a magazine about the PS3 version. According to the magazine, it was running very well just like the Xbox 360 version. So no need to be worried. :)

stuntman_mike4192d ago

yeah its was a mag called psm3 they previewed the ps3 version of the game.

UnblessedSoul4192d ago

Ign previewed the Ps3 version

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The story is too old to be commented.