Techmo Koei Unveils New Dynasty Warriors 8 Story Trailer

Tecmo Koei has released a brand new Dynasty Warriors 8 trailer via their official YouTube channel.

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pixelsword2444d ago

I only played one or two of them, but don't you fight the same guys in each version of the game?

ChrisW2444d ago

Ugh! The graphics look almost PS2 (or super early PS3) quality! And those are just the cut scenes!!!

Wouldn't you think that by their 200th iteration of the same damn game they'd know how to make it look better?

MaleManSam2444d ago

Why couldn't they have just put a hiatus on this series, it was rehashed and carbon copied with its sequels more than any other series in gaming that I can think of. It really makes me sad, I loved 3.

They need to give it a rest then come back with 2 games next gen, not 5-7 with all the extreme legends, empires etc.

sporge19892444d ago

I really hope this comes to U.S

Jacobster2444d ago

Who keeps buying these games??!!!

NexGen2444d ago

I do. Sometimes I just want to play these games and only Dynasty Warriors and family can satisfy.

I know they are of low quality, but they still appeal and I do enjoy them.

Jacobster2444d ago

I played a couple of demo's and they were kinda fun until I lost track of what was going on!