Sony: 'We have to do a better job in promoting the Vita'

GameZone's Matt Liebl writes, "Just about a year old now, the PlayStation Vita has struggled to catch fire in the handheld gaming market. Sony, for a third time, has revised their estimated sales forecast for the Vita. I firmly believe it's too early to call the system a flop, but sitting around and waiting for it to pick up steam isn't going to cut it anymore. Even the 3DS required a price cut before it began selling to the masses. The point is, something must be done and Sony recognizes this, admitting today that they need 'to do a better job in promoting the PlayStation Vita.'"

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gamebynight2444d ago

Well no crap, Sony. You've done virtually nothing to market the system. Doing anything at all would be better than what you've done so far.

BullyMangler2444d ago

they do not, less people know about the wiiU, so yep .

What sony deeds to do is, re-design the Vita . no comfort support unless one gets the COMFORT TRIGGER grips they made for it . those are awesome. .

Blastoise2444d ago

The Vita really doesn't need a redesign.
It's a nice looking machine, it's incredibly light & it's comfortable to hold

wolokowoh2443d ago

I don't pretend to know how many people are consciously aware things exist but the fact that Wii has sold 3 million units in the short time is been out and Vita has not managed that is suggests the opposite. I love my Vita but more people "wanted" a Wii U enough to buy purchase it. Handhelds usually sell as good as or better than home consoles. PSP is becoming the exception with PS3 probably catching up this year. Also the earlier example of Wii U already catching Vita's first with just it's launch.

jony_dols2443d ago

If Sony announce a price cut, GoW & a GTA title for the sytem, then it will definitely get sales rolling. It's a crucial timethe Vita, it's since or swim for the next few months...

SaiyanFury2443d ago

@Blastoise above

Yeah the Vita feels great. I recently bought NYKO's Power Grip for the Vita, and it literally makes the Vita feel like a big DualShock controller. Factor in, it doubles the Vita's battery life with it's own internal battery, it's completely worth the 30 dollars. Persona 4 The Golden has never felt better, haha.

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NameRemoved00172444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

I think they should make an updated psvita with a 1080p screen, 4gb ram, micro sd up to 128gb, and tegra 4. Then it would be able to run games higher quality than the PS3. And they should also put an hdmi port on it, NFC, removable battery and 4g lte support.

DrJones2444d ago

Then it would be a whole new console.. No longer a Vita. And far more expensive.

Krew_922443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Phones are barely getting 1080p resolution screens, I've yet to see a phone with 4GB RAM the highest right now is 2GB, 128GB micro SD card is way out of the question, if anything they'll continue to use the same memory technology they use for the Vita right now. Tegra 4 would make the system cost too much.

Everything you just listed is just impossible, and I question if you even thought before posting this.

I don't know what Sony will make next, but I know most if not all of what you wrote is out of the question. Maybe NFC probably even 1080p resolution, but the rest I doubt.

But if you were right, expect the new portable to cost $400+

NameRemoved00172443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Vita is dead, android games already are past vita quality and the Tegra 4 is able to run console games at higher quality than the ps3/xbox 360. For them its either upgrade and make an appealing device or keep the outdatted vita and it will be just like the PSP and fail.

If you don't believe me Sony is already shifting to android devices for playstation mobile games with their new playstation app for xperia devices, its only a matter of time before theres some triple A ports available on android.

@Krew, you are wrong. Basically every new featured phone has a 1080p screen, Sony already has 1080p 5" screens it is 100% possible. 2gb of ram is all thats needed for android phones but they can go up to 4gb if they wanted to. Tegra 4 is not an expensive chip, most phone processors cost less than $25 to make. 128gb micro sd cards cost $60 how is this unreasonable? It is not impossible and it would be outdatted by 2x-4x more powerful phones in 6 months.

Krew_922443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

I said 1080p phones are new, I never said they didn't exist. What I said didn't exist was 4GB of RAM on mobile phones.

128GB is unreasonable because Sony will ALWAYS use proprietary memory formats for their portable devices.

Phones are always getting outdated almost every month nowadays, they're nothing like gaming devices though. What I'm trying to get at, you're listing unrealistic specs right now. We don't even know if consoles next gen will have 4GB of RAM, so this dream list is not very realistic.

Don't get me wrong though, I pretty much bet everyone wishes what you wrote were true, but sadly it most certainly will not. Although, I don't know the future but that's why I said at the end, if it were true expect to pay a very high price.

Just look at phone prices, they pretty much have everything you listed, and MOST sell for $800+

Sci0n2443d ago

Vita already has 1080p support, one of the more recent updates allows you to watch downloaded vids in full 1080p. Games on the other hand that's up to the developers, we still dont have that much 1080p games on consoles.

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UltraVegito2443d ago


2.Exclusive titles/healthy line up of games


These are the basics to pretty much every console.

Sony certainly needs some work in all aspects,the sooner they learn this the better it will be for us all.

Peenutt2443d ago

for the vita its more to do with the price. amazon is selling the veta for 200 last i checked and that's were it should have been.

fredrikpedersen2443d ago

I've actually seen a bunch of Vita ads in Norway, yet I'm the only asshole I know who owns one

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brbobcat2444d ago

They pretty much ignored it at E3, and with the PS4 getting announced soon it looks like they'll ignore it again.

boybato2444d ago

hopefully not.... I mean it would be its birthday after all.(Us, at least)

NameRemoved00172443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

I want to see the PS Vita relaunched with these specs so it is better than current gen consoles:
Processor: Tegra 4.

Gpu: Tegra 4 IGP.

Memory: 4gb DDR3.

Screen: 1080p Super IPS with 10 point touch.

Storage: up to 256GB Solid state with 4 micro sd ports that can take up to a 128gb micro sd. For a maximum storage space of up to 750GB.

Bluetooth 4LE.
4G LTE for GSM with dual sim support.
Dual Wireless cards for best wifi experience.

Battery: Removable 4000 MAH Battery that can be expanded to increase battery life.

Headphone jack with high quality wolfson DAC + good amplifer.

HDMI/Wireless HDMI out with 7.1 surround support and up to 2k.

NFC for transfering saves/media between your PC, PS4 and other Playstation Vitas.

Other Notable Features:
Stream games from your PS4 in full 1080p quality.

Share with friends with NFC and wifi sharing.

Stream games from your vita to your TV and play with the vita or PS4 controller.

Cross platform support.

Play full quality PS3 games that have been ported to the PS Vita like: God of War, Heavy Rain and Infamous.

Full waterproof design and shatterproof glass.

Phone support - Use a GSM sim card and it will allow you to call/text people.


For a 128gb combo: $500, comes with pair of sony headphones, screen protectors, wireless charger + AC Charger, sync/charge cable and a 3 month Playstation Plus membership + 3 free ps vita downloadable games of your choice

juandren2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

hdshatter: First of all - WHAT? Do you even know the cost of any of those things you listed? You think Sony just has a crap load of hardware lying around in storage? I'm pretty sure you must be trolling. Secondly - would you care to fund that whole project? You could make some serious profit. Oh no wait you won't because it won't even sell 500 units a week. Remember it's still a handheld, not a console. And please tell me which Android or iPhone game's quality matches Uncharted: Dark Abyss?

rustyspoon802444d ago

If the PS4 gets announced on Feb 20th, that'd leave E3 for games. Sure the PS4 will still be in the limelight but there will be space at E3.
Also Sony tend to show their big guns before E3 which'd leave even more space for Vita.
Vita needs some more big games, Resi, Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter etc.

JoGam2443d ago

I think sony wont make the same mistake again. They showed their big guns before E3 then didnt really show too much at E3 we didnt already know.

Minato-Namikaze2444d ago

Vita had a strong floor presence, just not big stage presence

JWGoodson2444d ago

Isn't that just the truth... x_x

coptop12444d ago

I mean I wouldn't really say this is news...some might say #oldnews because everyone knows they need to do a better job haha

Bowzabub2444d ago

They're promoting it heavily in Home right now with the PS Home Arcade. There's a big Vita sitting right in the Hub. I'm calling it right now, if they bring the Home app to the Vita it will sell systems, the Home crowd are very devout fans. And it would become the greatest social app because Vita has the mic, the camera, party chat & Skype. Trust me, it would sell hardware.