The Good and Bad of Ouya’s New Console Every Year Plan

Earlier today Ouya's founder Julie Uhrman announced that there will be a new Ouya coming out every year after the console's big debut this June. Today announcement is surely going to change the future success of this console, and it’s sequels. But will it be a good change, or a bad one?

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BlakeA2447d ago

I can't see new yearly consoles being a viable option, especially with the open-endness of the Android platform.

Rando_Scribe2447d ago

At $100 a year, I don't know if it would be that successful.

gamebynight2447d ago

What's the point? The Ouya needs to try to stem the fragmentation of the Android market, not make it worse.

cmurdurr2447d ago

Let's just see if the whole Ouya thing takes off before promising yearly installments, shall we?

PrimeLantern2447d ago

Maybe every 2 years I could see it. After all, being only $99 helps with that but every year? I'm seriously thinking about not getting one now.