Yarn Yoshi Gameplay Analysis Part 2 - Your Ideas

GameXplain: "In Part 2 of our Yarn Yoshi Wii U analysis, we take a look at some of the ideas YOU submitted! We explore Yoshi's move-set (is his Flutter Jump really back?), what exactly the colored Shy Guys mean, and if the game might really have a dimensional-shifting gameplay mechanic! "

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Eternalb2911d ago

Wow, I can't believe how much they find in 10-seconds of footage!

ChronoJoe2910d ago

It's mostly just random speculation that's largely baseless from the video.

andresegers2910d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

Actually, everything is based on something, so to call it baseless isn't accurate. Admittedly, it is speculation, but that doesn't mean none of its true. If you watch the past analysis, you'll see they have a pretty darn good hit:miss ratio.

ChronoJoe2910d ago

I mean baseless relative to the information in the video. Most of what's there is based on random guesses from what Yoshi did in other games.

The guy just takes peoples guesses from youtube comments and puts them into a commentary. I could get just as much useful information from reading the comments from fans on just about any trailer.

andresegers2910d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

Sure, if you don't mind reading through hundreds of comments and then thinking about what else it could mean. Pretty sure that would take far longer than a 5-minute video (and by pretty sure, I mean it will, seeing as that's exactly what I had to do.)

ChronoJoe2910d ago

@Andresegers Not really, considering the speculations made are about as valid as anyone's random guesses.

Of course it doesn't mean none of it is true, it's easy to hit the mark when you throw out a dozen or more guesses.

Things like the shy guy and flutter jump were just a waste of time for example. The clip was so short that it's not even possibly indicative of the absence of any mechanics, discussing what's not present just seems silly.

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newsguy2911d ago

yoshi = best dragon horse thing ever.

TripC502910d ago

Dragon horse thing > Dinosaur

Kevlar0092911d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

Kirby's Epic Yarn received good praise, even won best visuals at E3 by a few sites. While the charm may not be as fresh, it should be just as endearing

Hopefully there will be some challenge to it, will be interesting to see what they do with it. Also adding specific Yoshi references like colored Yoshi's will be present. Should be one of those little gems

deSSy27242910d ago

Kirby Epic Yarn looked really cool IMO..... but i wanted a new Yoshi game to be more like Yoshis Island for SNES..... Yoshis Island is one of the best games ever made IMO, but i didnt liked Yoshis Story for N64

kirbyu2910d ago

"Everything Wii & U could find out."


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