GTA 4 will take roughly 100 hours to finish reports: "During our visit to Rockstar's London HQ for a hands-on with 2008's biggest game, we asked a spokesperson how long it would take to finish the series' next-gen debut. The answer: about 100 hours, if you take your time.

"If you're not in a rush and you answer the phone when it rings it'll take about 100 hours to complete", we were told. "It's harder to distinguish between main and side missions - there are loads of both. But there are more main missions than side missions. It's not as clear cut as it used to be because of the phone.""

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ChrisGTR14008d ago

with this much content it seems like the exclusive dlc is probably meaningless.

TheExecutive4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

well I have to agree that 99% of people who buy this game will never see it 100% complete but I dont think that it makes DLC worthless. I think it does take some meaning out of it but it doesnt make it worthless. I personally wouldnt buy dlc to continue the story unless I finished the game completely.

We also have to consider that its pry more like 85 hours to complete for us gamers and 100 hours for new people to GTA.

Still I have my doubts about the potency of extra DLC when the game is 85+hours. Why buy extra missions if you havent even finished the ones you have? I dunno, most people buy GTA for the destruction and chases and not necessarily the storyline. It will be interesting but I have NO doubt that there is money to be made by exclusive DLC.

All this says is that if you think you will complete 85+ hours of gameplay and still yern for more than the 360 version may be the way to go. However, if you arent quite sure if you are going to finish and just want to play the game then either version will do fine. So, in short, yes it does raise questions about the potency of DLC 6-8 months after release.

sonarus4008d ago

GTA4 IS NOT A GAME YOU PLAY TO COMPLETION. At some point while playing san andreas i concluded there was no end lol and just let it go. GTA 4 is about fun side missions that are written into the story or you create yourself. If the downloadable content is just extra missions it will fail however if its something extremely unique then it wnt

power of Green 4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

Kind of silly logic. lol

People are going to feeeen for new content from a great game. lol

People loved the Oblivion and wanted more, people loved Mass Effect and wanted more and people will love the new content in GTA4 expanding what sounds like a must have AAA after they beat it.

The episodic expansions are "Epic". Not just content but a expasion of the game.

Its foolish downplaying the Episodes when they're basically average game sized expansions.

Its like saying people won't wan't 5 games in the new FF13 instead of three episodic like games thats coming in 2009.

The only people agreeing with you are envyous Sony fans.

The game is going to have lasting power of the 360 version will tid gamers over untill the next one. Almost a ridiculous point of view.

The episodes are going to be pressented like sub sequels or side stories and could add radically different gameplay etc.

I'll be here just to see the look on your face *so to speak* when the first episode is released.

okcomputer4008d ago

Not really, it just means that dlc would add more high quality content to the game. Basically like adding more of the better portions of the game instead of just random sidequests that tend to be boring/repetative.

Kind of like how I didn't even come close to finishing 100% of all side quests on Obvlivion, but I still bought the expansion and enjoyed the newer better quality conent.

Superiorrior4008d ago

If you really people the DLC to be "expansions" and "cheap" expansions, your being really naive, that is like releasing an entirely new game, which quite frankly is more than unlikely, and stupid to think.

TheExecutive4008d ago

yes yes yes... it all depends on what exactly these expansions are and until it is explained by R* what they are I have my doubts. All I know is that everything else is rumor and if MS wants to capitalize on this extra dlc they had better explain to me what it is and not just say "its exclusive".

We will just have to wait and see.

Ben10544008d ago

this is much more than san andreas. i played that total for 120hours, well me and my bro did, im getting a bit worried i might looso my life by playing this 24/7

marinelife94008d ago

I can tell you right now I won't have the time or the motivation to finish a 100 hour game. I'll get maybe 40% through tops and will get distracted by some other game release that's newer/better.

ChrisGTR14008d ago

well im defenetly getting the expansion packs. new multiplayer modes anyone?

power of Green 4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

The concept of the exlcusive episodes are painfull to Sony fans I don't blame them for hating on them. People even mentioning them tells me they're angry about, people agreeing with you tells me this. Expect MSFT to market this when its time for the game to release maybe even revealing what they'll be about.

The GDC 2008 MSFT breakfest revealed they're going to be big time.

marinelife94008d ago

POG you might want to think about picking it up for the PS3. Are you certain you're 360 will make it through 100 hours okay?

HarryEtTubMan4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

Who is ACTUALLY going to beat the game and DLC? 2% of the players MAYBE? Power of Green you are soooooooooooo DESPERATE. No one cares about DLC on a 100 PLUS HOUR GAME. MGS4 and Haze will be out around this time also and all the other Multiplatform games LMAO DLC DOESN'T MEAN CRAP.... Microsft is just trying to prove something.

PS3 is getting the first 2 Exclusives this Generation also after GTA4 and there are big rumors going around that GTA5 will be PS3 Exclusive that NO ONE has denied. 360 is a P.O.S and downloable content that I wouldnt buy regarless, adding on to a 100 hour plus game doesn't even matter. NO. NO ONE WANTS A Xbox 360. If people did it wouldn't be in last place in sales all over the world.

PS3 = 2 Exclusives after GTA 4.(l.a. Noire and Red Dead Revolver.....also possibly GTA 5)

Xbox 360 = RROD, Last Generation formats, No built in Wifi, and NO Rockstar Exclusives.

power of Green 4008d ago

I don't know why Sony fans are agreeing with you. Sony fans boost Blu-ray wanting bigger and longer games and now they wan't smaller games, now they think games are too big and won't finish them anyways so now bigger games are a problem?.

heyheyhey4008d ago


your right that people like to see more of a good game, but there are flaws in your logic

by the time the DLC will come, most people will have moved onto other games- only the hardcore GTA fans will be excited about EVEN more content

the 100 hours core is more than enough for most people

im not angry about anything- i really don't care about this content when there will be so many new and better games to play

rawg4008d ago

Probably won't make a difference for folks who are deciding between a PS3 or x360. Those people will decide based on what other platform exclusives they want to play as well (MGS4, FFXIII, GeoW2, GT5, Halo Wars, GOW3, etc.)

I could only see it swaying people who already have both consoles.

marinelife94007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

POG I think you misinterpret what a "bigger" game means.

Bigger environments with higher detail (think of how much bigger GTAIV could have been with more disc space)

Larger variety in graphical assets and enemies (not the identical textures having to be re-used because of disc space)

More sounds and better variety of sounds (MLB 08 has 9gigs of just play by play audio)

If all those things add to longer play time then great. But a richer, more detailed, more indept experience is key. More disc space on your optical media helps achieve these goals.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4008d ago

I wonder if i actually will play all 100 hours. in all GTAs I got bored with repetitive missions and stopped in 2nd island/unlock

longduckdong4008d ago

before the thrill is gone, I know. If the series wasn't a regular city like I live in everyday then maybe I would be more interested in what is around the next corner because I've never seen it but since I know the city this is nothing new.

100 hours might work for an Oblivion type game because the whole setting is different and can keep your interest. But another building, drug dealer, pimp, whatever....who cares? I won't even be buying this one. I'll rent it

sonarus4008d ago

nah GTA4 is definetly a purchase. The best part in GTA4 are the side missions you create yourself not ho slapping and "big pimp jacking lol. GTA has already earned my 60 bucks. I like to own one of at least every game genre. Only open world game i have is saints row and i am about to trade that in also got lame after a while.

SCThor4008d ago

with tons of games around the corner, many people will go the faster way of main missions, playing side-missions once in a while. Nobody wants to be the last to finish MGS4, KZ2, RFOM2 and others games.

wisso184008d ago

I hope I can finish it before MGS4's release date

jmare4007d ago

Exactly. Most PS3 owners right now couldn't care less about the 360's DLC now that MGS4 has a release date, that appears to be solid (no pun intended). So while 360 owners pay an unknown amount for "epic"(?) DLC, after all, who can trust MS's hype machine, PS3 owners will be happier than a pig in $hit getting it on in MGS4. Besides, the way some of these fanboys talk, you'd think they won't play anything else until they're completely done with GTA. And anyone who says that is a liar or has no life.

Regret4008d ago

Of course it's 100 hours. You need 15 minutes to get to start of mission :P

VigorousApathy4008d ago

They wouldn't count travel time in the open world as part of mission time. That would make everything a mission now wouldn't it?

vloeistof4008d ago

and it has online wooow