NVIDIA GeForce Titan PCB Unveiled – 6 GB Memory, GK110 GPU, 8 Phase Supply

Thanks to a key source, we have finally got a first look at NVIDIA’s upcoming GeForce Titan PCB. The GeForce Titan would be NVIDIA’s flagship GPU based on the GK110 core and as we pointed out earlier it would indeed feature a 6 GB VRM and a custom designed PCB by NVIDIA which is actually the reference design to be used by AIB partners.

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FlyingFoxy2442d ago

overpriced stop gap card before 700 series, again.

MmaFan-Qc2442d ago

f this titan bullshit, im waiting at least next year to upgrade my msi580 lightning.

solid_warlord2442d ago

Nvidia always over price there product. Im always gobsmacked by how stupidy PC hardcores are. Why spend such amount on a high end when its overkill and in a year theres a better and more effecient graphics card out.

Twignberries2441d ago

Your use of the word "overkill" is quite subjective. It all depends what res you game at. If it's 1440p or higher if you're using multiple monitors, and you want max AA settings in ANY game, at a minimum of 60fps, then no it is not overkill :)

Gamer19822441d ago

Nvidia always release one mega overpriced and overpowered card every couple of years just to flex there muscles and say that they can. The thing is the year after they release a card for half the price that can beat it. I remember the dual card they released years ago it looked stupidly powerful as it took two pci-e slots but most of todays mid range cards blow it away.

ATi_Elite2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

Although the Titan can run Games it's really for doing High End Auto-cad work and intense Graphical design stuff along side being able to do mundane calculations and routines zippy fast when offloaded by a CPU (CUDA)!

Yes it's a "consumer version" but it's really meant for Pro's at work and not gamers. This Titan card is basically designed to run Fur Mark all day long without burning up like a normal Graphics Card would under that type of stress.

I find it annoying that every Rag Tag gamer site is leaving out this important information for the sake of Web hits!

2442d ago
pennywhyz2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

To bad ya wont see that in ps4 or 720.PC will always be superior.

2pacalypsenow2442d ago

Too bad less than 1% of pc gamers will be able to afford it.

turgore2442d ago

It costs over 900 dollars. So probably as much as a Ps4 and Nextbox combined.

Norrison2442d ago

A 260$ 660ti is already better than next gen consoles

hellvaguy2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

Raw speed wise, 660ti is gunna be faster. But in reality 660ti will be much slower because of optimizing that occurs in consoles. Plus consoles dont have to use a resource hog OS that pc's use.

Gamer19822441d ago

very true. Consoles have the edge in that respect its why they will get by on a 1.6ghz CPU.

awi59512441d ago

My old 4870 computer is better than xbox 360 and ps3. That card ran hot as hell but it could still run todays games at a great frame rate. I had 2 of them and they cost like 20 dollars each now and i could still run BF3 on ultra at 30fps just in direct x10. I upgraded to 3 6870's because i found them for cheap on ebay.

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Sarcasm2442d ago

If the rumored price of $899 is true, it's really not worth it. It's just an excuse for them to keep jacking up the price based on the current "price/performance" ratio. They are never going to let the price be of any real value.

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