Proof that the Wii U Might Not be ‘Next-Gen’

With all the rumors about next-gen consoles on the raise most everyone is assuming that the Wii U system is next-gen. These are just assumptions made by a vast majority of players and not precisely the facts about what’s going on. The Wii released to compete with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Sales say the console stood well against its competitors but some gamers beg to differ. Most hardcore players admit to their old Wii console collecting dust and this is something Nintendo is fully aware of. To fix what they have broken they released the Wii U.

The Wii U is a great system, it competes well with Xbox 360 and PS3; that’s the problem… the Wii U competes with current- gen consoles and all the talk is about next-gen consoles.

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TheSuperior 2445d ago

for all the players (like myself) that fed into the whole DS thing I wouldnt be suprised if they did somthing similar with the Wii U. I dont think it would be that bad of an idea for them as a company.

Starfox172445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

Oh my god its been out 2 months calm down,the wiiu is a powerful console we have been shown Beyonetta2 which looked like Beyonetta6 in terms of scope and graphics,Xenoblade had draw distance and a more detailed game world then any game before it and these are 1st gen wiiu games and everyone that seen these 2 games said not even remotely possible on ps3 or 360,Square said an RPG like Xenoblade was impossible ???? look the wiiu has proven it's next gen,it's the ps4/720 that have to show games off now ??

Dissagrees off the same bunch i'm not stupid how sad the WIIU IS THE MOST POWERFUL OUT OF THE 3 BECAUSE IVE SEEN NOTHING OF THEM YET ?

ShinMaster2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

I got a Wii U with my tax refund and I just realized I don't know what the hell to do with it! Like, what do you do!? :0

I got the "New" Super Mario Bros U which is exactly like the other 3. It's like Nintendo stopped trying. Same design, same art, same music, etc.
Then there were a few other games I didn't buy because I already had on another platform and don't look much different.

I feel like Nintendo made Wii U's specs a mystery so that people buy it on false hope that it will someday have some truly next-gen looking games on it. That's why all the fans are like "wait and see, wait and see".

Speaking of next-gen games and tech; the proof is in the games.

akaakaaka2445d ago

true it's a little more powerful then this 6 years old consoles but is not next gen like wile nextbox and PS4 will be!

and i bet better looking games will come soon! in few years but so far nothing tht the 360 or even the PS3(PS3 has better looking games so far) can't do..

juandren2445d ago Show
linkofrs2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

You should probably get nintendo land. A lot of people went ahead and got new super mario bros u but its not very different from the other ne super mario bros games. However nintendo land was a different story, I ended up bringing it to my friend's new years party and for about 4 hrs all we played was one of the minigames from it. As for single player games i went and waited to buy darksiders 2, Its pretty much the same as all the other versions of the game but the gamepad makes special attacks easier.

Stroke6662445d ago

@shinmaster... sorry i do not believe you to be stupid, you did not buy a wii u u r just trying to give credibility to your trolling. zombiu is on no other systems, ninja gaiden is a completely different game on wii u so much so its rereleasing on the other two systems, the cave, trine2, options my friend you have options. at least be an honest troll not one that makes themself look like a complete idiot who does no research before purchasing a console.

Ripsta7th2445d ago

i agree with stroke666, shuldve done your research buddy

ShinMaster2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

So don't call me an idiot for not researching.

I played Zombie U and... just no. And Ninja Gaiden 3 already left a bad taste in my mouth to warrant buying a fixed version of it.
Maybe if the only system YOU had this entire gen was a Wii, then this will all be new to you. But not for me.

I want good Nintendo games! They should have had at least a couple of key franchises out within months of the Wii U's launch, instead of rushing the system out to beat PS4/720 wave. Now I must play the waiting game.

ElectricKaibutsu2445d ago

Blah, no one can say the Wii U is 'not next-gen'. You can say, "the Wii U doesn't deserve to be considered next-gen" even though it technically is. That's your opinion.

If my dad hated me because compared to the other boys I'm weak and I stutter, he could say "I have no son!" He may 100% deny that I am the next generation. I am though.

Mounce2445d ago

Starfox17, you're quite possibly the saddest fanboy I've seen for a while...

Your comment was made and you should feel bad.

SilentNegotiator2444d ago

Let me guess; you've fed into the delusion that first-wave PS3/360 games looked no better than ps2/xbox games? And games on the WiiU will 'get around to' making games that look like a real generational leap?

MaxXAttaxX2444d ago

First of all, you are confusing question marks for exclamations marks.
Did you just say Bayonetta 2 looks like Bayonetta 6 in graphics? What?
And the Wii U hasn't proven anything, because it hasn't done anything(yet).

corrus2444d ago

Oh you'll see what means real next generation soon HAHAHAHAHA

linkenski2444d ago

So are you coming from having only played Wii U games or Xbox 360/PS3 games? I've seen other games, like Skyrim that had better draw distances, or at least looked more detailed than "X"

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darthv722445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

wii-u is to the wii what the snes was to the nes. But unlike the old nes/snes days. the wii-u can play all the existing wii games directly. thus doubling or even tripling the effective number of playable titles for the platform.

That is a key marketing angle that nintendo has capitalized on with the release of each gameboy and ds since the original. Not only is there the ability to play new games specific to it but to play all of your existing games as well.

It makes for a real convenient selling point. Especially to those who skipped the wii entirely. Oh and next gen isnt catagorized by any particular starting point or stopping point overall. Next gen can happen for any company that chooses to bring out something that is indeed significantly improved over what they offered prior.

This is nintendo's next gen platform even if it isnt viewed as such from the likes of 360 or ps3 sides. The same rule applies to the next release from sony and ms. both of which will be systems that exceed the current offerings of the ps3 and 360. To call their next outing "next gen" and not give respect to the wii-u is just wrong.

Like i said before, next gen is a relative term that is geared as a comparative of what is coming out to what is already out. Wii-u is next gen compared to the wii. nothing more, nothing less.

Donnieboi2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

Who are YOU to be able to define next gen in such a limited scope? You can spin it any way you want, but people are still going to compare Wii U to REAL next gen consoles, not just to nintendo's previous console. We are not robots, that we are hung-up on what limitations that the a console can be defined as next gen based on technicalities. Many of us feel that it should be compared to all available options (ps4 and NextBox). And when compared to Sony and Microsofts next gen consoles, Wii U is NOT next gen, seeing how people are still unable to see a difference between Wii U and CURRENT gen consoles (which utilize 6 year old tech).

Play around with the definition of next gen all you want, but compared to PS4, Wii U is comparable to SONY's last gen console...thus making Wii U last gen tech. If Wii U is next gen simply because it's new, then I guess Ouya is next gen simply because it's a step up from current cell phones. But it sure as hell can't mess with PS4.

linkofrs2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

I'd have to disagree with you. When i got my xbox 360 7-8 years ago none of the games looked any better then what was on the gamecube or original xbox. There is also distinct differences in the wiiu's hardware then last gen. We can only fully realize what consoles can do with time. You can't accurately compare something to something else without knowing how each thing works. Also power alone will never dictate the difference in gens and also hardware is only as good as it's software.

darthv722445d ago

you get the idea. your last part is exactly what has been considered the rule of thumb for generations. Ouya may not be on the same "technical" level as what it is being compared to but it is next gen none the less. It represents something that has not been offered by that company before.

It isnt a matter of scope or spin its a matter of just how things flow. The wii-u is compared to the ps3 and 360 because those are what is available at the moment. the instant that the ps4 and 720 are released will mark both sony and Ms entry into "next gen" just like wii-u has for nintendo.

It really isnt that difficult to follow. There is no predetermined start or stop for a console generation. It is purely about what is released in regards to what is already out. Dreamcast marked the beginning of Sega's entry into the (then) next gen after the saturn/ps1/n64 era.

PS2, GC and xbox were contributors to that generation of systems. Should the DC be no longer considered next gen (for its time) because it was released 1-2 years before the next entry from sony?

Should the wii-u not be considered next gen from nintendo because it doesnt meet your perception of next gen vs the industry definition? Comparative are a natural thing to use but lets be honest when we use them. You cant compare one system to another without adding in the comparison to its previous entry. That is the right way to see the overall scope.

in your POV the wii-u is comparable to the ps3/360 and thus not considered next gen. To the rest of the industry, the wii-u is not only compared to those but also to the wii and by that it IS next gen. It offers more than what is currently available from an overall technical perspective.

Now how that tech is used is what defines the developers and programmers not the hardware. Some of the best games have been made for the weakest of systems and it was the talent of the studios that overcame any known obstacles.

Donnieboi2445d ago


To be fair, the Wii U's launch games look better than ps3/360's launch games because devs have had about 6 years experience on similar hardware (ps3, 360, and 6 year old pc tech).

linkofrs2444d ago


I honestly don't remember enough to compare but you are probably right, however all the consoles of this coming generation will have that advantage. Mainly because consoles aren't really pushing hardware technology at all anymore. However it will still take a little while for developers to get used to coding for them. I have taken apart my wii u and ran a few simple tests on it and it is very different from what hardware we're using today. Maybe not as different as the last gen but still different enough. I can almost guarantee that the next sony and microsoft consoles will be very different as well.

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N4g_null2445d ago

First of all you would think journalist would understand what generation means and what next gen mean. This is a sequential adjective. It is the next Nintendo console for the next round of the console cycle.

Tech wise it is next gen also.. Notably no system before has had 32 Megs of edram ram or 2 gigs of system memory. No system has had aysmetrical table game play or remote play that operated as if it was tethered. It has a gpgpu set up just like the other two next gen systems. Just like the other two next gen consoles it will fall short of gt690 glory. They all will have scaled down graphics.

Hey but don't let that get in the way bash away! The games are coming!

n4f2444d ago

its seem people keep forgetting that on paper its also next gen. but people want it to fail.

Bronxs152444d ago

Its funny people say specs don't determine if a console is next gen, yet they use specs to attempt and prove the point. if specs don't matter why are you quoting it's 2 gigs of rams or 32 megs of edram etc...

forget specs and whats on paper. where are the games that differentiate it from the previous gen? thats the underlying point. since wii u is getting 360/ps3 ports, thats counter intuitive.

and nintendo's own offerings are not really next gen. Supermario bros u is like a hd version of super mario bros wii. sure they added challenge mode, but that could of also been in the wii version.

and the things that are not possible on wii, like using the tablet to create plattforms in supermario u or drawing a line then having yoshi follow the line on screen. those things are not compelling reasons to call something next gen.

NINTENDO themselves have ADMITTED that consumers don't see the value in the system.

Me personally i believe it is next gen because of the system stuff, like using the browser for example. but there are good reasons to believe that the next xbox and ps4 will be much more next gen in those ways too, games aside.

N4g_null2444d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

San don't play this game with me you will loose. There is the expected upgrade and the sequential release. Next gen was difined along time ago and so was the hardcore gamer, yet the media choose to chance these two facts for various reasons.

Specs are quoted to show you it is an upgrade on top of it being the new generation of a nintendo console. If it is not as powerful as you wanted then I'm sorry. Yet you should play consoles based on power that is what pc builds are for.

You go on to say where are the games that show it's next gen. The wiiu is subtle like being able to play two players online without two tvs or two consoles or just sPlit screen. Being able to play games with better frame rates and games that don't sacrifice game play for trying to wow you with graphics plus the motion controls got a major upgrade so they can be used in hardcore games.

I could go on but these thing will reveal them selves.

josephayal2445d ago

TBH I think the PS4 and Xbox720 will not be much more powerful than the WiiU

Jason1432445d ago

just wait. Next gen is only going to give console gamers pc numbers and faster 3d framerates. thats it. Youll be able to enjoy 128vs128 in games and see direct x 11. Wiiu is fine. The jump isnt going to be as big as gamers hope believe me. Id watch sony if you want to see some exclusives.

profgerbik2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

Honestly this is my gripe with Nintendo, I don't understand how any supporter of any business can be happy with that type of practice.

It's like constantly making something knowing you just can't get it right the first time, then you feel the need to make something better shortly after to fix that last mistake.

If they treat the Wii U anything like the DS or their consoles in general like they did the DS, I am staying far away from Nintendo.

Supporting their IP's is one thing, supporting their bad habit to keep making poorly thought out hardware is not ok. They revised the DS so many times it is a little ridiculous and same goes for the 3DS, what annoys me the most is they keep revising things and they aren't that much different. The DS is now the 3DS XL and it still doesn't have a second analog stick? Whether or not you use one that much it's just the idea of that knowing they revised something that much and still didn't think of something that simple.

It's poor thinking like that will keep Nintendo on their toes.

I'll probably lose my last bubble for saying this but I don't think anyone should support that type of behavior. I want someone who is confident in what they make, people who know their system will last through the ages and compete with the competition without worry.

If Nintendo keeps this up they are never going to be ahead and that is what upsets me people probably assume I am literally hating on them but I loved Nintendo and it just seems they lost direction every since making Gamecube, the direction of a good balance between good software and hardware not just good software.

I just think it would be a little absurd for a new Nintendo console to be released in a couple years because once again they couldn't just make something that could last or was truly emphasized to actually last.

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SheaHoff2445d ago

I've never played the Wii U, but it seems like it almost stands alone, both in the context of XBox/Playstation and chronologically. Perhaps they were trying to get a large segment of gamers into the system before the next-gen consoles had a chance to crush the Wii U in sales.

Again though, I've never played one. This is strictly based off of several things I've heard. I dunno.

Starfox172445d ago

Grow up the wiiu hasnt got one AAA nextgen title at retail yet chill out its got a Modified E6760 gpu basically a memory heavy version so very powerful everything is sweet.

Highlife2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

So they put out one of their big guns in a Mario game and you say they haven't put out a AAA nextgen title out yet????????? What was that game then A, AA. The WiiU is not nextgen. Does it have to be?? The games that are going to sell on that system are the nintendo core games (mario, zelda, Kirby, blah blah blah) If you ask me those games never needed the high end specs to be good games. They are what they have always been easy games to pick up and play. That is why my kids love them.


Why does it matter what kind of power the WiiU has. It will still have all of the same games they have always had with a new twist on how to play them. The fans of that system will buy it and have fun.

Seems to me that the WiiU fanboys just care to much. They don't want to feel like there system is less. It's not just different. Looks like Nintedo made a choice by not going for power. They will stick to there 1st party titles that have done so well for them. And that is good enough for my kids. I also will join them when the next Mario Kart and SSBB come out. The system is worth it for that.

If you are going to compare consoles compare Playstation and Xbox. For the most part they are doing simialar things and get similar games. What system is more powerful and what system does the game look better on my have more meaning when you are trying to buy a game for one of those.

Edit edit

My longest comment ever. To much work. Going to bed.

nintendoland2445d ago

lol you make us nintendo fans look bad. -_-

MasterCornholio2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

Jesus christ when do Nintendo fans care so much about graphics? I thought Nintendo fans put gameplay before anything else but in your case i guess that im wrong.

Jesus i never seen so many N fans obsessed with the dang GPGPU in my life its like they dont even care about the innovative tablet controller at all.

"There all dx11 comparable only wiiu seems to have the most powerful one going off rumour mill so all these doom and gloom articles are just covering up the truth."

Wow if all that you care about are graphics then why didnt you buy a PC?

Qrphe2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

These console wars are stupid, but thinking the Wii U has a very powerful GPU is delusional.

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Root2445d ago

"There’s a DS, DSi, DS Light, DS XL then we have the 3DS and the 3DS XL. Now we have the Wii and Wii U… there are huge differences between the GameBoy Advanced and the DS and there are huge differences between the GameCube and Wii but are there really that dramatic of difference besides an upgraded experience between the Wii and Wii U? "

Thats what I thought when it was announced

The name was a terrible choice for the new console for being "next gen"

I might just hold off a while like I've done with the 3DS and see if a new version comes out in the future. Least then if it does all the Mario games and exclusives will be cheaper so I can buy them all at once.

If the 3DS lite isn't shown off this E3 then I'll buy one, I need one for Animal Crossing

Highlife2445d ago

You don't make any sense. There is just as much difference between the gamecube and the wii as there is between the wii and the wiiu. Gamecube to the wii added motion controls and limited online capabilites. Wii to wiiu added a tablet like controller and upgraded online capabilities (minimal).

What Nintendo did wrong is the name. The parents of the kids that want the system may get confused. I had to explain to my mom what it was and that it was its own system. She wanted to get a game for my kids.

millzy1022445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

actually no, Read the neogaf thread, no one knows what is exactly in the gpu, im not really defending it as i don't know how powerful the gpu is nore care as im getting a ps4 aswel but there is actually really interesting stuff going on over there and the architecture is really unique, its not even close to normal amd designs so comparing it to amd pc gpu is compleatly irrelivent.

however i will say this, i do believe it is more capable than ps3 and 360 ( i hate ps360 there compeating consoles not the same) and it will be less capable than ps4 and xbox 3 but nintendo didnt do them selves any favours by rushing the launch, they needed a game to show the systems graphical strengths at launch not e3 2013

LOL_WUT2445d ago

Yes, and I think we've all come to terms with the fact that it is not a next-gen console. ;)

RuperttheBear2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

That winking thing is quite off putting dude. A local pedophile was arrested recently, and he was found to have a habit of ending his posts online with a smiley like yours.

I'm not saying you're a perv or anything, but it's food for thought. The FBI tracks for that kind of thing.

On topic - The Wii U is a next gen Nintendo console. It's not as powerful as modern gaming pcs, but neither will the Sony and Ms consoles.

And Nintendo will make full use of their console and provide great games for it.

That's all that matters really.

3-4-52445d ago

Nintendo is segmenting off into creating Nintendo Generations.

So they will eventually always be in between generations of Microsoft and Sony.

We will see the next Nintendo console in 6 years, where as it will be 8-9 years for the next next xbox or PS5.

lilbroRx2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

No, digital foundry jumped to conclusions. They are actually still trying to figure what half the chip actually is and does.

The digital foundry write up was rushed, heavily opinion based, and filled with things that contradict what they've found since they started analyzing the chip including the post by the guy who originally did the initial photowork and analysis. DF insisted it was a 4630(the lowest end of the possible chips it "could" be based on), and he said that doesn't look like its based on a previous AMD GPU at all. Its completely custom made.

Digital Foundry just ignored the 30%+ that was completely unknown and wrote it off as unimportant as it wouldn't help generate a click bate headline. Then they slammed the Wii U as not next gen(which is entirely their opinion) to generate hits from Nintendo haters. It seems that it worked going by the way people(such as yourself) are still posting links to it everywhere and what it spawned.

A lot of the people in the original Neogaf thread were slamming DF for that rushed/fabricated write-up.
These are the people who are actually doing the analysis, not DF and they are still at work on it as we speak.

GalacticEmpire2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

First of all I resent the implication that I am a "Nintendo Hater" and secondly Digital Foundry are normally VERY good at what they do and I doubt that they deliberately created a misleading article to bait fanboys. If DF have made mistakes in their findings we're sure to hear about it in a future article but, for now, it's the only professional analysis we have.

Now, if you'd kindly remove yourself from my throat, which you seem to have jumped down, it would be much appreciated, thanks.

Bigkurz852445d ago

wow another article about how the Wii U might not actually be a "next gen" console? How original!

Kos-Mos2445d ago

But it`s a proof that it might not. Might not, here`s the proof that it might not...

jessupj2445d ago

Well if you'll all just concede that the Wii U is current gen, than they can stop writing them.

Bigkurz852444d ago

I don't think it mattered to Nintendo bank accounts that wii wasn't current gen... So...

There's room for differences. I play ps3 and wii. You don't have to choose sides. I can acknowledge wii u won't be a power house but still want it. I'm getting it soon along with a ps4 whenever it releases. I don't get the fanboy bickering