Crysis 3 Gets A New Single-Player Trailer

DSOGaming writes: "It seems that EA and Crytek are doing everything they can to hype the latest iteration of the Crysis franchise. As a result of that, the companies have released a new trailer for Crysis 3 that focuses on the SP mode of it. Crysis 3 is planned for a February 22nd release on PC, X360 and PS3, and promises to be the best looking title ever. Enjoy!"

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Pandamobile2439d ago

Crysis + Muse = awesome trailer.

Shaman2439d ago

Damn right. That ending was piff!

TheGamerDood2439d ago

Don't know who Muse is but the trailer was awesome!

Twignberries2439d ago

You.. dont know who muse is??


Belking2439d ago

Awesome. Easily the best looking game of this gen IMO.

aceitman2439d ago

Just like battlefield 3 they used the pc version to show on the trailer .

Pandamobile2439d ago

How does that change anything? It's still one of, if not the best looking game ever made.

GearSkiN2439d ago

well of course they would show the PC coz thats the main focus in these kind of games...

brettyd2439d ago

@Belking I take it you haven't played the console Beta, its not close to being the best looking game this gen.

pr0digyZA2439d ago

Why does it have to look the best on console(if its amazing on PC) for it to be the best looking game?

brettyd2439d ago

Because PCs don't have "generations" like consoles do, he said "this gen" and its not the best looking console game this gen. I honestly don't think it looks any better than Crysis 2 on consoles and that game wasn't impressive at all.

Pandamobile2439d ago

The "Gens" are just divisions of time. When we talk about "the best graphics this generation", you're not going to discount all of amazing looking PC games just because they're either not on consoles, or don't look as good.

The PC versions of Crysis 3, Battlefield 3, Metro 2033 etc are some of best looking games this generation, regardless of how "average" they may look on console hardware.

Upbeat2439d ago

Well there was a graphic comparison on n4g last week between the 360 and the pc, pc as usual looked the best where as the graphics on 360 looked unbelievably blurry. Awful shame that no crysis game will ever look like the first one on PC :-(

Twignberries2439d ago

That's because ITS A BETA you clown! Battlefield 3 beta looked nowhere near as good as the final product (single player).. I assure you when this game comes out, the pc version will be praised for its visuals for quite a while after its release. Definitely not as long as the first one did, but thats all relative to the increasing speed of new technology

Upbeat2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

@Twignberries mate i know its a bloddy beta you half wit! it still looked far better on pc and thats my point, the 360 will still look blurry on release anyway so no point in defending it, and obviously it will be praised for its visuals thats what has made the game so well known, crysis 1 was built from ground up on pc and thats why it was remarkable, crysis 3 is build on 360 and optimized for pc and thats why it will not look anything like the 1st crysis.

Twignberries2438d ago

@Upbeat Wtf man?? do you even understand game development at all?? Built on the 360? Ported to PC.... Your cred burnt to ash at that statement Haha

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panbit862439d ago

The art direction is so blah in this franchise...

Irishguy952439d ago

For some reason I feel like the engine itself tarnishes artistic direction. Luckily I don't mind between quality and art. If one is good it covers for the other imo.

iamgoatman2439d ago

Trying to attain photo-realism is "blah" now?

panbit862438d ago

They do an amazing job at achieving photo-realism the problem i think is that the whole design lacks character... lacks identity!I can't really put my finger on it but the art direction of this franchise as a whole hasn't managed yet to avoid a generic feel/approach.

Eldyraen2439d ago

Its "blah" in the same sense most of the real world is. Crysis's art direction is in many ways based on what is believable and based on real world examples of today given a secret/alien tech overture at times. Its basically modern day or near future tech which doesn't allow for as much headroom to go nuts with as say a more futuristic/sci-fi setting.

The only really future tech is based off military funded secret projects (nano suit and some weaponry) derived from alien technology. Other than a few military secrets though it grounds the game into a more realistic setting and allows for aliens to contrast a bit more. Personally I like the more grounded setting although I agree to a point as it lacks the style and flash of some other sci fi games.

Tyre2439d ago

Day 1 purchase, excited to play it.

Kingdom Come2439d ago

Seeing them live again in May. Greatest band of all time, although, I'm bound to say that, I've been a fanboy for years...

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