Microsoft Doesn't Know Why You Can't Access Your Saved Games

From The Consumerist:

"Reader Brad took his XBOX Live Gamertag to a friend's house. When he got home, he realized that he'd forgotten his memory card (with the Gamertag on it) at his friend's place.

He used the "recovery" service to get the tag back, but when he got access to his tag he realized that he could no longer use any of his saved games.

Microsoft responded:

We are unable to comply with your request to provide a free Memory Unit. Accessories such as that may be purchased from a retail location."

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decapitator4007d ago

Well this is silly on Microsoft's part if true. How do you make a system and not think ahead about how it will be used in the future. I hope they are working on a solution or some sort of compromise. If not, people will simply just add this to the list of things, they have failed to fix in the past.

Dlacy13g4007d ago

Ok first let me say, I am a big MS supporter and while this hits home for in no way has me not wanting to continue to support MS.

That said, I think this issue is legit. At Xmas time I took off to see my nephew, and was jonesin to play some COD4 w/ friends so I recovered my gamer tag on his 360...then came home and recoverd it on my console. so biggie. But, over the past two weeks I have been looking to go back and play some games I never finished. Namely Lost Planet and Bioshock (was about half way on both...). To my surprise, my saved games were no longer present. I also found that all my old mechs I created in Chromehounds were gone too. This was not as big a deal because half the fun of that game is creating the mechs anyway. But for Bioshock and Lost Planet it was a bummer as I was deep into the story on both ...and am now struggling with the fact that i need to start from scratch.

Bottom line, up until this article came out I had pretty much thought it was me having accidentally deleted the saved games when I did some HDD clean up. I try to delete all non-used items to keep the space as high as I can for demo's, etc...

Good thing I had already completed COD4! I woulda been pissed!

decapitator4007d ago

That sucks for you man. But this article in no way is suggesting that you should stop supporting Microsoft because they don't know how to recover their save game.

I think the point of this article is that, Microsoft will become more aware and will force to do something about that. I don't think is impossible to do it, but because they have not been pressured enough by gamers to do something about this, they haven't taken any steps to fixing this issue.

TheZippo4006d ago

I didn't think that your game saves were stored on Xbox Live. Whenever I bought a new XBox in november I recovered my gamertag but my saved games weren't recovered with it. I had to transfer my games on a memory unit from my old one to my new one.

With all the problems they were having around christmas time I could so see something getting messed up.

marionz4006d ago

well my problem (and i have no idea how it happened) is i played gears on insane and got up to ramm but hadnt killed him, next time i went to kill him the only data i had was levels 1 and 2 on causal or whatever it is, insane hadnt even been unlocked even though i had all the achievements it still thinks i havnt finished it on casual, now i kno this isnt related to this guys problems but how the hell did this happen!?
im gutted and dont want to go through gears on insane again

Dlacy13g4006d ago

How did I get 6 disagrees to my response above? For anyone who thinks I am just trying to MS bash ...far from it. Check my posting history.

And how can you disagree with my story...when its my REAL experience? LOL...God almighty you guys crack me up!

TheZippo4006d ago


I've never been able to understand that either.

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You bought an Xbox4007d ago

Of why the Xbox is the biggest pile of crap in existence

Silellak4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

EDITED: See comment #3, since we can't delete comments.

Silellak4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

Well, as a follow-up, Microsoft does warn against this sort of thing:

"How to move a gamer profile from one console to another.
As we describe in Take Xbox Live on Vacation, roaming with Xbox 360 requires an Xbox 360 Memory Unit to store your Xbox Live profile and your saved games.

While you can, in fact, perform the activity Recover Gamertag from Xbox Live to effectively import a fresh version of your profile to your console—or to your friend's console—you should know that doing this endangers your saved games, which reside on your memory unit or Xbox 360 Hard Drive.

With Xbox 360, your gamer profile can exist only in one place at one time, so downloading (or "recovering") it to a friend's system will invalidate the version of your profile that's still on your Xbox 360 Hard Drive, endangering any offline achievements and game saves since your last visit to Xbox Live.

Because your profile encompasses elements that are stored on your console and elements that are stored by the Xbox Live service, the safest way to game is to move your profile to a memory unit when you hit the road and when you return home."

So, while it sucks, and should probably be fixed, they do at least say "Don't do it that way". He did it that way, and it broke the way they said it could. Sucks, sure, but he was warned. Apparently recovering a gamer tag this way also gives the warning:

"Recover your gamertag only if your profile is corrupt or missing. Recovery will delete all games saved for that profile on any console."

SHOULD it work this way? No, probably not. Should he have been aware it worked this way? Yeah. So, really, in the end, the fault lies with him - though that doesn't make the system any less stupid.

If you get screwed by a stupid system, it sucks. But if you get screwed by a stupid system that warns you it's stupid, it sucks but it's also your fault.

There should never be a big red 'DON'T PUSH OR YOU'LL GET CANCER' button, but if there IS one, and you DO push it, and you get cancer - well, don't be an idiot.

Dlacy13g4007d ago

Oh I agree with you. Honestly I blame myself for not thinking things through before I did the recovery thing....and well like I said earlier. Its more a disappointment on my end than an anger issue on my end. I did it...I take the hit for being stupid. But it would be nice if it werent the case.

As for the cancer comment...LOL...isnt that already the case with Cigarettes and yet look at all the people willing to push the button so to speak. Ignorance is bliss...even if its deadly bliss. LOL

dantesparda4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

Also blame yourselves for the system Red Ringing too! Its never MS' fault. Its funny cuz when you spend more money (on a memory card, which i would never buy cuz I think its just a waste of my money), it works perfectly. But if you try to do it the cheap way (without the card) then it cant do it properly and you are taking a risk/gamble of losing your saves/progress. Seems to me like this is just a sceme to try and get you to buy their memory card. You should be able to do it through the recovery system, with no problem but, nooo! that would be to easy wouldnt it? And recovering your profile takes WAY too long. It literary takes like 15-20 mins.

Mr_Kuwabara4007d ago

Wow sucks to be that guy hehe.

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