Freeloader On The Way To Wii?

Recent developments hint that everyone's anger could soon be coming to a end, as it seems that Datel are set to release a Freeloader disc for the Nintendo Wii. Just like the version that was released for GameCube a few years back the disc will allow gamers to play games not native to their region - and most important for Europeans let US and JPN games play on our PAL consoles.

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zslash4194d ago

Title is somewhat inaccurate -- it's already available for purchase.

zdonit4194d ago

My fault. The story was approved before I could edit

Eamon4194d ago

YES. Its out... finally...

Now I can get US version of NO MORE HEROES (Bloody version)!

But I'd rather get the PAL version of SSB Brawl since i want to play online on that.

tonsoffun4194d ago


Ninty - you can take your woeful euro release schedules and shove them where the sun don't shine. I can get imports now.


ChickeyCantor4194d ago

all it takes is a firmware update just like one of the first.
it took out the Freeloader of the GCN.

NoxiousD4194d ago

yay!! back ups here we come!

ThatArtGuy4194d ago

Free Loader doesn't play backups. The discs still have to be official.