Finally – You Can Now Play Imports On Your Wii

NLife writes: "Those of you that graduated to the Wii from the GameCube will probably be aware of Datel's excellent Freeloader disc, which allows you to play import games on your Cube console. Well, after months of silence the company has now announced that it's producing a version for the Wii – and amazingly, it will be available next month."

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ChickeyCantor3888d ago

insert cd, load freeloader take cd out place game.....doneeee

A firmware will stop this sooner or later!

iamtehpwn3888d ago

Pardon me, but I needed this 2 months ago; before Brawl was only a week away. Now this is useless.

sumfood4u3888d ago

When the timing of great news is off by months!