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SeanScythe2903d ago

That Image is just so badass, I wish they had made the cartoons with that much awesome.

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rpd1232903d ago

You should read the original comics. They are pure badassery.

ShinMaster2903d ago

Then they wouldn't be teenagers. People always forget the "Teenage" part.

On topic: I think the game might be decent, but not good. It will be developed and released within a year and possibly rushed, with several content made into DLC.

majiebeast2903d ago

There goes the hope of a decent TMNT title.

guitarded772903d ago

I don't know... Teenage Mutant Ninja Warfare 4 could be pretty awesome. I'm sure it will be the best first person ninja game on the market.

Root2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )


and the chances on Rocksteady making one

Blaze9292903d ago

aw man that would have been SICK

NukaCola2903d ago

Same thoughts, really would prefer RS to handle this. Activision will turn this into a garbage IP like they do with everything they get their hands on.

Adamated2903d ago

I thought you meant giving Rocksteady and Bebop their own fps game... I was like... wha...O_o

3-4-52903d ago

What about Bebop ?


jakmckratos2903d ago

come now..that was about as big of a rumour as they come. Rocksteady making a game where one of the bosses would have been named rocksteady? too perfect. THINK ABOUT IT

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BaltimoreNovak2903d ago

I can see it now, 14.99 DLC for Master Splinter's side missions, exclusive to 360 first.

AWBrawler2903d ago

I spat water all over a work computer

Quadraxis2903d ago

Ohhh that can't be good.

mwjw6962903d ago

O come on its not bad enough that Michael Bay is going to fuck up the Turtles movies! Now they are going to let Activision fuck up the games! Well there goes my childhood.

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The story is too old to be commented.