A slice of Indie life

MWEB GameZone had the tremendous opportunity to witness the birth of an Indie video game studio. To witness a birth is both a fearful and wonderful event. You get to experience the anticipation, the pain and the joy of the people involved. It is a rare honour. This is a story about passion, about daring to reach for your dreams and about how a simple idea combined with a bit of faith can turn the wheels of fate in your favour.

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DesVader2439d ago

Toxic bunny was a cool game...well, I suppose IS a cool game considering its remastered. I have a lot of respect for these indie developers - lots of work but lots of risk that their products will not pan out but they still stick to it. GJ, guys. Go Indie!!

HanCilliers2439d ago

I agree, so much respect for Indie devs, thumbs up to South Africa for this tremendous show of support

PandaMcBearface2439d ago

I love reading about people who are clearly so passionate about what they do. Great interview!

Choc_Salties2439d ago

Great to see our local boys doing some "lekker" stuff!

schmoe2439d ago

And it is all about coffee, how can anybody NOT like that???