Ubisoft's Vegas May Be Worse on PS3

According to the Ubisoft development team working on Rainbow Six: Vegas, there may be not only be no increase in quality in the game when ported to the PlayStation 3 but we might actually see a drop in quality.

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Daytona6267d ago (Edited 6267d ago )

unless it's b/c a game was developed in 1080P for them and only 720P for us, b/c the Xbox 360 does have more available system memory to be used how it's best needed and more readily available and easier to work with, thus the cell isn't going to look as good when using like terms, ex. both in 1080P. Sorry sony fans, it's the truth but your system will still look ok, so it's alright. Having fun is the true name of the game. Besides, ps3 will have other features added to other games as time matures the system and becomes more comfortable with developers.

ubisoft is showing the truth in today's next gen.gaming and it's all good really for everyone but especially for the Xbox 360 and MS.
It seems more and more developers after having worked with both systems are saying this, unless sony paid not to.

coxyefc6267d ago

both consoles will have outstanding games, graphically and playability wise, if you can afford both, great, if not, either one will be just as entertaining. Competition is good for the consumer.

D3acon6267d ago

So the developers are being lazy and trying to copy and paste the 360's strengths over the PS3. This is utter garbage for a developer to not take advangtage of the strengths of both systems.

I would also like to say that its distastesful for one developer to take shots at other consoles. There job is not to critize, but to use there best efforts and develop to that consoles strength.

I've seen video of Call of Duty for both consoles and they look nearly idenical. Whatever the Edge is posting is sounding like total rubbish.

There is no excuse for taking shots at another console and not putting your best effort into creating the best game you can develop for that system. These kind of statements don't sound like the statements a professional company would make, so for right now I'm looking for a direct link to this. That's my 2 cents.

zypher6267d ago

agreed. furthermore, to say that the PS3 is inferior to the 360, after admitting that the PS3's version of the same game is a port (instead of being built from the ground up to take advantages of its capabilities) is a bit far-fetched and biased, especially when the developer pretty much conceded to not taking advantage of the PS3's hardware. to pour a little bit more sauce of untruth on this whole thing, the article refers to the misconceived statement that Assassins Creed's AI is better on the 360 than the PS3. Ubisoft cleared that up a week or two ago with "While the method for distributing AI load is different on each platform, the AI code itself is the same. Players will experience the exact same crowd results on PS3 and Xbox360."

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Sexius Maximus6266d ago

If you guys are willing to front the bill to have Ubi start from scratch to get the ideal PS3 version, I'm sure they'd do it. If not, than you must realize you're morons...devs are a company, and the PS3 is a spendy platform to develop for. The Cell is nice, but because of the difficulty, time, and money it takes to program for it, you're dumb enough to blame the devs. You should be pissed at Sony for using the Cell (again, it's a nice chip, it's just not made for games)

zypher6266d ago

4.2 what are you talking about footing the bill? Ubisoft could just as easily develop for the PS3 and port to the 360. its not my fault that i demand the best for the money i choose to spend. it's not my fault that Ubisoft would rather take a self-admitted easier road to producing their games, and subsequently deprive their unbiased fanbase the epitome of quality that they can conceivably achieve. how many multi-platform XBox games were graphically lacking because developers preferred developing for the PS2 and porting to the XBox instead of the other way around? and i'm supposed to be pissed at Sony for making a complex, demanding, superior technology? yeah, thats the kinda thinking that's hampered this industry for the past 20 years.

4.1 you're comment doesn't even merit a reply. besides, don't you have school in the morning, or something?

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original seed6267d ago

is it that it may be true? 0r are developers lazy? Sony fans will say lazy while 360 fans will laugh. This is all great news to 360 fanboys. In my opinion i dont think Ubisoft likes Sony anymore (SplinterCell 5). They seem to develope for the 360 and port to PS3 for the extra cash. its all very funny.

zypher6267d ago

"I wonder why Ubi keeps saying this stuff?"

when have they said anything like this before?

original seed6266d ago

Maybe about a week ago it was said that AC had better AI than the PS3 version. Sure another article states differently but its interesting to say the least. I of course beleive they will end up being the same but you cannot deny the fact that Ubi seems to be favoring Microsoft.

zypher6266d ago (Edited 6266d ago )

"another" article didn't state differently. it was the same article, which initially misconstrued Ubisoft's words.

here's the original article:


and here's the updated one:


in any event Ubisoft's preference for the 360 is irrelent to the argument for or against the notion that the 360 is superior to or inferior to the PS3. if any thing it just says that Ubisoft would rather take the easier way out, by developing for the system that many developers say is both easier, and yet inferior.

USMChardcharger6264d ago

Sony has always had EA do more for them (took us forever to get them to support Live) M$ has UBI...i will take UBI over EA any day.

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