Sega opens mysterious website

Sega has launched a mysterious website that's RPG-ish.
We will see more on the 12th of this month according to the URL.

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young7yang2446d ago

a new shining force
panzer dragoon or possibly a new ip

zerocrossing2446d ago

I Would love either of them, but I hope it's a new IP

darthv722446d ago

a new thunderblade or hang-on game. Sega remade after burner and outrun but have yet to bring other classic arcade titles into the current scope of things.

A new panzer dragoon game...yeah its been a few years since the xbox version of orta. Or maybe they would finally go back and release the home version of planet harriers (a mix of space harrier and panzer dragoon). that game was rumored to be in development for the DC before they pulled the plug.

3-4-52446d ago

If you guys pay attention closely, there are people at the bottom of the pictures...Some look to be holding torches.

So it's obviously not a Sonic game.

I'm hoping for a RPG.

OhMyGandhi2446d ago

looks like Panzer Dragoon to me.

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