The Xbox 720 & PS4 need Powerful Hardware, the Wii U does not

Playeressence's Furious Francis delves into why Sony and MS need powerful systems, and how the Wii U games will be more than enough for gamers.

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Starfox172445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

What this author needs to understand is no matter what you say Nintendo are going Hardcore so they made a powerful affordable console in the WiiU,just because games are colourful doesn't mean you don't need powerful hardware ? in the gamecube era Nintendo calaborated with 3rd partys and made them version superior that's what's happening again so all this talk of Nintendo don't need powerful hardware doesn't take away the fact the WiiU is a powerful powerful hardware Randy Pitchfords words and considering the games ive seen and with Gearbox making an UE4 FPS on wiiu,and AMD confirming a modified E6760,it sure looks like all 3 will have dx11 comparable graphics or you wouldn't be seing Xenoblade or Beyonetta looking that good.

Theyellowflash302445d ago

Read the article. What u said is exactly what the article says. The title is just in terms of ms and sonys leaked specs which are much better than the wii's incomplete yet revealed specs

Starfox172445d ago

I dissagree the WiiU will do anything they do in fact going of the leaked 720 gpu the wiiu has a gpu thats 40% more powerful that's a FACT.

Army_of_Darkness2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

Yes, the exclusive games will tell use what console(x720,wiiu,ps4) will be the most powerful and capable of. Specs don't mean shit if the developers can't utilize it properly.
this gen it was clearly the PS3.
next gen, we'll have to wait and see.

kneon2445d ago

StarFox17 doesn't know what he's talking about, FACT!

fr0sty2445d ago

Tell that to wii u's sales.

Theyellowflash302445d ago

The Wii U's sales are fine. If the system was more powerful and costed $500 would you have bought it already? No. Strongest system rarely ever wins the console race.

SilentNegotiator2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

LOL, $500? $400 and the exclusion of unnecessary touchscreens (Not to mention a likely year later start to development of the hardware, when things are slightly cheaper and more powerful) and you'd have a much more powerful system.

It's not about being the "Strongest"' ;s about not being stuck early like the Dreamcast.

aceitman2445d ago

and the wiiu will miss a lot of hardcore games like the wii y cause its not powerful enough , the im calling it now watch 8 months from now hell matbe even sooner that a developer will say its not bringing a game to wii u cause it lacks power. and sony is always trying something new with stuff they where the 1st with the eyetoy in ps2 , the 1st with home , now called miiverse for Nintendo, I give credit to Nintendo for the wii , but right now I feel they have put them sevles back to the gamecube days and that's not good.

fr0sty2445d ago

You don't even have to wait that long, EA already said it isn't targeting Wii U with it's next gen plans due to it's lack of power.

smashman982445d ago

but to that i say MS and sony wont be getting any nintendo games.

and those are the reason people buy nintendo systems
when it comes down to it, its all about mario, zelda, and smash

BullyMangler2445d ago

but damN .. what will Samus Look like now with the wiiU power . ? . Donkey Kong like blue guy from Monsters Inc?

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Jadedz2445d ago

The Wii U isn't meant to compete against the PS4/720. Like the Wii - it'll be a system where consumers might consider to buy it alongside another system.

wiiulee2445d ago

thats absolutely true cause nintendo is about selling uniqueness and new ideas while sony and microsoft are more into selling prettier images and pixels to satisfy fanboys

kayoss2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

How bout you trying to say what you said 6 months after the PS4 and Xbox 720 comes out. You then realized that Uniqueness and new ideas will sell a lot of consoles but in the long run the Wii U owners will be left wanting the AAA games that are on the PS4 and xbox 720. Because the Wii U cant handle some of the game that will be made for these "next Gen" console.
The wii U will be in the same boat as the Wii.
Number of console sold will benefit only Nintendo, but when it comes down to it, its the software that keep the console alive. If Developers dont make games for it then pretty much the console is dead.

jacksheen00002445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

The Wii U does need to be Powerful.

Its like If someone ask you for something to drink.

There 2 ways one can approach it.

You can Give me what you think would quench my thirst

or you can ask me what would quench my thirst.

In this case, Nintendo didn't even bother to ask us what we wanted gaming wise, instead they gave us what they wanted which isn't satisfactory.

ElectricKaibutsu2445d ago

If Nintendo doesn't quench your thirst, you already have two other companies doing just that. Sony says "If you like coffee, you must have liked our last coffee. Well our new coffee has the exact same delicious flavor but it's doubly strong." MS says "If you like coffee, you must have liked our last coffee. Sorry 80% of our cups melted. Try our new double strong coffee!" And Nintendo says "I just made some lemonade, guys! It's sweet and comes with a crazy straw!" Maybe we didn't ask for lemonade, but I'd hate to live in a world without it (and crazy straws).

jacksheen00002445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

Ok you made your point...I agree that there are 2 others system that one can choose from if you don't like the wii U.

Now don't get me wrong, I do like the wii U and plan on getting one as soon as they release more games.

But the main issues I have with Nintendo is that when Nintendo make a bold statement that their Next Gen console is going to deliver games on a hardcore level and don't; then I will no longer believe anything else they say.

Just keeping honest and real.

smashman982445d ago

LMAO love how you threw the red ring in there plus bub

jmc88882445d ago

Basically what he said was, Nintendo fans care more about games and not as much about graphics, thus don't need a 'powerful' system.

Sony/MS fans care about games, but also hold graphics at a very high level, thus need a 'powerful' system.

In this sense he is sort of correct. The Wii U isn't as powerful as the PS4/720, but the PS4/720 aren't that powerful either. Not when the PS4 rumored specs top out at 1.8 TFlops, something achieved by midrange cards of 2011, and a CPU far worse than a $269 i7 920 from 2008.

I think all three will be fine, but I also suspect there's going to be some whining, and most will come from the PS4/720 crowd. Some really want the PS4/720 to actually be powerful, but they simply won't be, and when some figure that out they are going to rage.

There is going to be a huge gap between the strongest console and a mid range PC, whereas there was a small gap between the consoles and a top end pc when the 360 launched.

The midrange GPU card in 2013 should be 4-6 TFlops. That blows the PS4's 1.8 and the 720's 1.2 TFlops out of the water. When you consider dual gpu's and SLI/Crossfire, the 720 already might be only 1/10th-1/12th the power of a ultra top end PC. Since an ultra top end might push 15 TFlops.

Then take these numbers and realize they'll grow by 60-100 percent every year, and the numbers get absolutely crazy by 2015-2016, even for mid range GPU's.

All the systems will be good, but there's a segment of the PS4/720 crew that want to buy power, and that thirst will not be quenched.

Hopefully they grow up a bit, but seeing all the 'wii u' is dead articles and everyone thrashing it while knowing very little I don't see it as very likely. They have the biggest surprise when the so called 'real next gen' systems are only 2-3x what a Wii U is. 720 2x, and PS4 3x.

ILive2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

Someone told me that the teraflop thing isnt true. Both systems will have at least 3 teraflops according to what this person told me.

delboy2445d ago

All the systems will be good, but there's a segment of the PS4/720 crew that want to buy power, and that thirst will not be quenched.

Amen :-)

saint_seya2445d ago

i like how people make numbers like if they were official.. u know what what i heard its that ps4 will push 15 instead of 1.8, if i say that and i tell u that i have my sources u will believe it and think is going to be as powerfull as a high end pc? stop making numbers.. people is so fun this days...

madjedi2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

@jmc8888 "The Wii U isn't as powerful as the PS4/720, but the PS4/720 aren't that powerful either."

The wii u is supposed to be slightly more powerful than the ps3/360.

With the ps3/360 will be going from 8-9 yr old hardware to the newest series of a low to midrange graphics cards. Exactly how the hell is that not that powerful either, your talking about consoles not the pc.

"Hopefully they grow up a bit" Says the guy doing damage control and spinning the wiiu's lack of power vs the next gens on every article.

Unlike nintendo, sony and ms are not going to go to extravagant lengths to hide it's spec from gamers interested in buying it. So rumored specs are borderline worthless, till we know the true specs.

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