Everything You Know About the 8th Generation is a Lie

There is evidence such as Microsoft’s leaked future plans to suggest that Microsoft will go the Sony route and continue to manufacture the 360 after its successor is released as an entertainment box. In order for this to be accomplished, the 360 must shed its fat, such as its hard drive, and its disc drive. If these two things are accomplished, then there is no reason for Microsoft to not have backwards compatibility.

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whoyouwit042449d ago

Everything You Know About the 8th Generation is a Lie
I believe that 100%

MasterCornholio2449d ago

I dont because the 8th gen console is here in the form of the Wii U so there is some truth available just not all of it.

juandren2448d ago

What the Wii U has been most successful at is fluctuating internet traffic. If Wii U is any testament to the eighth gen, I'd rather stick with my PS3

plaZeHD2448d ago

You should probably use the word "probably" a little more.

juandren2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

I wish I knew how this silly article got approved. What got me is the fact that he put rumors in quotation marks. It's not "rumors", it's just rumors. Learn how to write idiot. Sounds like a boy wrote it. Not to mention the fact that he just assumes he knows better. You don't know shit, son. None of us do

evanextreme2446d ago

My brain is capable of displaying logic, and I can use that to display how these current rumors have a low probability of truthfulness.

juandren2446d ago

Yeah, stating the obvious must really require a lot of brainpower

evanextreme2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

I don't know if you guys have seen this yet, but a little update to my article.

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Mariusmssj2449d ago

at this point it's all just guesses until Sony or M$ announce anything solid and official everything is a lie. Even cake is a lie!!!

Braid2448d ago

Cake? How about the Cake?

The story was submitted 20 minutes ago and there's still no cake joke made here? You've disappointed me there, interwebs.

noobfromindia2448d ago

everything you know about the earth, life as it exists is a lie.

StrongMan2448d ago

So the rumored Blu-Ray drive in the new Xbox is a new? Next gen games will all be on at least 4 DVDs for the Xbox 720. When will MS learn?

Mikefizzled2448d ago

Thats missing the point. The point is that all the rumored information in circulation is being treated as concrete facts. The only thing for certain is that both companies intend to stay around for next gen.

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The story is too old to be commented.