Killer Instinct Retro Review I Play Legit

Jeremy of PL Writes "Originally made for the Arcade, the SNES version came out in 1995, and even though it was graphically inferior, and had a lot of stuff cut out, it still managed to gain success, and respect."

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StrongMan2440d ago

The one game that would make me play on Xbox constantly and MS won't let RARE make it. Don't tell me they won't make it because they don't believe it will sell because MS backed games like Steel Battalion(60k sales) and Fable the Journey(140) and those games were colossal flops that no one bought. I know KI3 would sell more than those two horrible flops.

cee7732440d ago

Yea I'd get a Xbox just for this game alone lol, too bad Microsoft had their head stick up there anus so long they no longer own the name killer instinct fox do

Daver2439d ago

same I would have bought a xbox for this.

D2K2439d ago

Everyone that worked on Killer Instinct is gone from Rare so you wouldn't want them to make another one. Microsoft was trying to renew the rights to the franchise a few months ago. It didn't go through.

DivineAssault 2440d ago

Supreme Victory! miss this game & it needs to be brought back to life.. Rare & Nintendo had some great chemistry but that day is dead.. Now theres no telling what will happen with this title

NastyLeftHook02439d ago

the best fighting game ever made. now im a huge sony fan, but if rare made a killer instinct game only for xbox, i would buy one.

nevin12439d ago

This game was top notch back in the day(1995)

It still solid today but I will say the health system where your energy carries over to the next round is flawed today.

axerated2439d ago

The first video game I ever owned, wonder where the hell this and my snes are...

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