How Microsoft’s “No Second-Hand Games” System Gives Sony The Upper Hand

Alex C.: ''If Microsoft are to lock games down to a single user and require an always-on internet connection, then Sony have everything to gain from what has to be a considerable misstep from Redmond that’s likely to cost them a good share of the next-gen pie. It sounds almost ridiculous – copy protection gone too far – but that’s what rumours are suggesting today.

But first, some balance. Whilst the sources are apparently solid (“we’re confident they are,” Edge tell us) I’m still struggling to consider that the two main factors – tying a game to one individual and needed a constant green light from your router – aren’t just options available to the publisher or developer. Like region locking, for example.

Surely Microsoft isn’t crazy enough to enforce such systematic restrictions on every Xbox 720 game they rubber stamp. I can’t see that happening.''

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Erimgard2446d ago

Sony filed a patent for the exact same thing though...

GalacticEmpire2446d ago

The question you need to ask is, which company is more likely to actually follow through with it?

Erimgard2446d ago

If they have any sense, neither will.

Shadow Flare2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Jack Tretton has already said "I'm totally opposed to blocking used games"

So if Microsoft go through with this......things could get interesting

You know, lest we forget, we're talking about 2 completely different companies here.

One company offers online gaming for free, and their subscription model gives you free games. And the other company makes you pay to play online content which you've already paid for with the game purchase.

Erimgard2446d ago

True, but Jack Tretton is just the head of Sony's America division. He doesn't get to make the calls. That falls on the shoulders of Kaz Harai.

aquamala2446d ago

Only makes sense if they both do it

Shadow Flare2446d ago

True but I think Sony has shown with the online pass scheme that they're happy for used games to exist

The point of the online pass was so that Sony actually made some money from used games. Because that was their big issue with used games. They make no money from them whatsoever. It's purely profit for retailers. But the online pass scheme helps amend that and it actually supports the existence of used games in the future.

Online passes will likely carry on into the ps4 life cycle, Sony make some money from used games, Sony keeps its good relationship with retailers, and the customers can keep their used games. It's win win. Because of the existence of online passes now, there's really little reason to block used game sales

Good_Guy_Jamal2446d ago

And one puts online passes on its exclusives and the other doesn't. What's your point Shadow Flare? SONY took out a patent for it.

Temporary2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

I hope microsoft go through with this. So gamers can finally see them for the plague they are on the gaming community. First with their LIVE Scam, now with this.

ThanatosDMC2446d ago

Well, Sony's also the company that's not charging gamers to play online.

XB1_PS42446d ago

@ThanatosDMC Tell that to my used games.

omi25p2445d ago

Shadow flare

Yeah and the other company closes a studio after one failed game that the publisher failed to advertise.

ArmrdChaos2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

Funny...last time checked the stock market BOTH were publicly held corporations. Unless Jack Trenton personally took on Sony's debt then It would be safe to say the board still has control as to what company ultimately does and doesn't do. Bottom line is that as usual corporate cheerleaders are jumping on rumors and speculation. It's a waste of time and thread space until the facts have been announced. I guess I shouldn't expect anything less from another opinion article.

badz1492445d ago

the thing that the 720 will completely block used games is still just a rumor, right?

so, what's the point of jumping our guns over this when things haven't even materialized yet?

TheGamerDood2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

A preview of what will go down on the 20th and throughout this gen.

DeadlyFire2445d ago

When I buy a game its for all users in my house. This digital lock to certain accounts I believe to just be PSN/XBL purchases of digital content.

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MostJadedGamer2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Here's whats going to happen. Either both will do it or neither will do it. So if Sony decides not to do it then MS will also back off, and not do it.

Neither one is going to give the other such a massive advantage. Either both will do it or neither will do it.

I_am_Batman2446d ago

I disagree. You could've said the same thing about free online play vs. pay for online play model. Microsoft takes money for online play and gets away with it. Maybe they can get away with blocking used games too.

Thatguy-3102446d ago

If one is going into it I'm pretty sure the other will too. Let's not forget Microsoft will be using blue ray too.

fr0sty2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Did we really need an article to explain how such a thing would be an advantage for Sony? Kinda stating the obvious.

As for the Sony patent, they also had a similar patent when PS3 launched that never saw the light of day. Patents mean nothing.

LackTrue4K2446d ago

that patent, will probably only be forced on stores "cough cough Gamestop cough"
not on an individuals, so we are still free to share are games.

greenpowerz2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

Loving the logical and honest comments. The only way consumers would ever support not being able to buy used games is if the industry dropped the price of games by a great deal. Even then it would destroy a company's rep and hurt the industry long before consumers would adopt cheaper games but no used games model.

You can buy a used old games for $20. No one is going to buy old games for $60 to $70(next gen?). Only a wishful fanboy would run around screaming doom to one console or the other believing a company would do this.

The only way a company could block used games is if they lowered the price of games and or games prices were set by the industry lowing at a set pace with time.


LOL a disagree

No one would be interested in a Launch title after owning a console for 6 years and pay full price for it LOL

No one finds it odd an explosion of pro Sony propaganda is coming out and false anti MSFT news in response to exciting MSFT news originally?(leaked 720 docs/specs etc)

AngelicIceDiamond2445d ago

@Erimggard Exactly, The writers eerie speculation suggest MS would be in serious trouble over this inevitable rumor, The other company would be just as screwed also. We all new this rumor would hit MS sooner or later. The whole point of this guys argument is a double edge sword.

How Sony's “No Second-Hand Games” System Gives Microsoft The Upper Hand.

You see, it go either way, and wouldn't do any console gamer any good. Blocking used games is extremely ridiculous for both Sony and MS. so whats the point of this article again? Seeing how this a interchangeable Opinion Piece?

ziggurcat2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

"Sony filed a patent for the exact same thing though..."

sony also filed a patent for the exact same thing before the PS3 launched, and last i checked we can still play second-hand/rented games on our PS3s.

the reality about patents is that most of them don't even see the light of day.

i doubt that MS or sony would implement anything to block second-hand games, and until we get confirmation from the actual source (and not some hack of a gaming "journalist"), everyone's panties should stay un-bunched.

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NYC_Gamer2446d ago

It's rumored that both PS4&720 will block used games

Knight_Crawler2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

If true then Nintendo here I come.

But in all honesty you will still have people that will gobble this up and buy a PS4 or 720 regardless...people are starved out for the Halo 5 and Uncharted 4.

People said the same thing about DLC that if it ever became the norm they will stop buying consoles and they said the same thing about online passes...people talk smack now but if MS and SONY both announce that they will be blocking used games the sheep will still buy come launch.

tachy0n2445d ago

nintendo would probably do the same since probably developers are asking for this anti-used games system.

PC gaming will raise even more since nothing can stop us, DRM tries to mess with us frequently and they always fail !!!!

Blaze9292446d ago

like this online pass trend, what's stopping a few giants to lead this and everyone being okay with it? Obviously everyone in the gaming industry would benefit financially from blocking second-hand gaming.

If MS and Sony just were like, let's both do that, and do it...well, it's done.

unless one backs out last minute and be like, OMG THEY BLOCKED USED GAMES, WE DIDNT!

yewles12446d ago

Sony filed the patent multiple times, but never went forward with it, just like the patents for game-interrupting ads since the PS1 days...

BitbyDeath2446d ago

Maybe Sony filed it to trick MS into implementing it into their own system?
That'd be a laugh.

BitbyDeath2446d ago

I know, i don't believe this rumour to be true.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2445d ago

That would be awsome and funny!!

NastyLeftHook02446d ago

because everyone will go out and buy the ps4 instead when you can buy used.

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