No Doubt Hits Guitar Hero III

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "And the hits just keep coming! The amount of downloadable content that is available for GHIII is overwhelming at this point. Pretty soon you won't need another version of the game, just more music. "

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Syko4006d ago

"Pretty soon you won’t need another version of the game, just more music."

Are you kidding me, Guitar Hero DLC is the biggest failure in DLC history. Overpriced and released every 3 months or so. Please, I wouldn't waste my money on anything for Guitar Hero anymore after playing Rock Band. Activision licks Taintstick.

btkadams4006d ago

um....overwhelming content? theres sooo sooo sooooo much more content for rock band than gh3, what is this guy on.

Mr_Kuwabara4006d ago

Through the Fires and Flames > Every Song